This naughty neighbor story began over the weekend. I could tell he had been thinking about fucking this little black pussy since he moved in the neighborhood 6 months ago. I love to catch him watching me from the window, thinking dirty thoughts and no doubt stroking his dick. Well, my boyfriend is out of town, I am horny as fuck and today just might be his lucky day.

I  leave out to go get groceries and wine for dinner for the night.  As I head out to my car, of course, I see him watching me and he is loving what he sees.  His wife is rather attractive but he and I both know he has been dreaming night and day about the sensual ebony phone sex queen across the street.   I smile and wave at him to let him know he has been seen, then purposely drop my keys on the ground.  That’s right I can feel his eyes practically heating my ass, as he watches me bend down to retrieve them.   Looking back,  I smiled to myself, satisfied that I had officially made his dick hard again.

The naughty neighbor story starts now!

After shopping, I arrived back on my street to see my naughty neighbor sitting on the porch.  He can’t keep his eyes from going in my direction, and I love it.   Pulling in my driveway, I adjust my blouse to show off my caramel cleavage.  I want to make it impossible for him to resist having a naughty neighbor story with me.   I open the car door, pop the trunk, and pretend to struggle with my bags.  Within seconds there he is running to the rescue, to grab the bags from my hands and offering to help me get them in the house.   While talking to me, his eyes were glued to the pretty brown tits.

I opened my front door and lead him into the kitchen.  He followed me to the kitchen and put the groceries on the kitchen aisle.   I turned to him and said, my boyfriend, is out of town and this ebony pussy needs a good orgasm, are you up for the task?  Without hesitation, he was lifting me onto the kitchen counter and was eating my pussy like an afternoon snack.  After squirting my first orgasm in his mouth I told him I need some dick and lead him to my couch to give him the ride of his life.

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