Ebony sex stories mixed with the 420 Holiday, my friend had no idea what we were in for that night.   He and I had been friends for a while. There was never anything romantic between us, we were strictly platonic.  Sure we hung out and had a great time together. However, he had a girlfriend of like 5 years that he appeared to be happy with.  There were times I caught him looking at my sexy round booty.  But it is a sweet piece of ass so who could blame him. So when he said he wanted to hang out and be 420 partners, I said no doubt!   I was totally down, besides he normally brings his girlfriend so that we could have a designated driver since she doesn’t smoke or drink.  

Just want to make sure that we are all on the same page!

When I say 420 Holiday, it’s April 20th otherwise known as “Weed Day”.  So when he said he wanted me to be his 420 Partner, it meant we would chill, party and get high all day.  I made sure I took the whole day off on the 20th and the 21st because I knew what was going down.  Planning on getting high enough to touch the sky, I bought an ounce of that sticky icky. We both agreed that we would get at least get an ounce each, vowing not to run out at all.  I called him to find out what time he would be over to pick me up, he said 8.  After hanging up the phone I went upstairs to shower and get dressed for a night of high fun.

After my shower, I lotioned my entire ebony body, before sliding on my sexy red bra and panty set.  I sat on the bed and guided my sheer black stockings up my long legs, before attaching them to the lace garter.  I decided to wear a black dress that hugged all my curves.  Because even though I was going out with my friend and his girlfriend, you never know what the night could bring.   Putting the finishing touches on my makeup and accessories, I was ready to have some fun.  I heard the car pull in the driveway, but only one car door open and close.  I headed downstairs to let my friend in.

Change of plans!

I opened the door for him and noticed that his girlfriend, AKA our designated driver was not with him.  So, I asked him where she was.  He brushed past me smelling of Grey Vetiver cologne and high-grade marijuana.  Walking into the living room he sat on the couch and started to roll the fattest blunt I have ever seen.   He took off his jacket and said, ” You mind if we just smoke and chill?”  I must admit I was a little disappointed, but I agreed and sat on the couch with him and smoked while he told me about the break-up. After a few more blunts we decided, to not let this spoil our night.  We called an Uber to go to the Smoke and Groove party that we had originally planned to go.   We both looked too good to stay in tonight.  I grabbed our edibles. few joints and some miniature bottles of Patron and we were again ready to party.

Ebony sex stories started at the party!

The party was live when we got there.  The smell of marijuana in the air and the sounds of Reggae and Dancehall tracks had my body swaying and moving.  My friend began to grind up against my ass while I worked my waist and bounced my ass up against his hard dick.  From the way, he was working me on the dance floor ebony sex stories had to happen tonight.  He slid his hands up my dress and along my red lace panties, and with the other hand, he called for an Uber.  Between him, the weed and the Patron my pussy was wet and ready for live high sex.

The Uber came to pick us up from the party.  He gave him the address for his home and then put his focus back on me.  My panties were wet and squishy as we continued to make out on the ride to his house.  We went into the house and he gave me that big dick all night long.  I made him forget all about his break-up and gave him some new ebony sex stories.

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