In “Ebony cheating wife teaches her cuckold husband a lesson part 1”  I told you all about my relationship with my cuckold husband.  I mentioned how lately he had been all in my business about who I was with and where I was going.  As if he actually owns this ebony pussy of mine. I guess he forgot that this sweet ebony pussy belongs to me.  So, I am the one that decides when and if he gets it. As well as if I decide to give it to a bigger and better cock.

On this particular day, I spotted him trailing me in his car. I pretended not to notice him and lead him right to the hotel where I was meeting my BBC lover.   It was such a turn-on to have him watching me kiss and giggle with my lover.  I knew that he would have a bunch of mixed feelings running through him, so I decided to step it up a bit with my own little ebony cheating wife plan.

My ebony cheating wife plan!

If you can remember from “Ebony cheating wife teaches her cuckold husband a lesson part 1”, I had already called my cuckold husband on his cell phone.  While he looked on at me and my BBC lover lustfully playing, I  told him a huge lie about where I was and who I was with.   He was mad and his cock was hard all at the same time.   After I confirmed his plans to continue to lie to me about his whereabouts too.  I knew I had him right where I wanted him.  

My cuckold husband follows behind my lover and me, eager to know where we were going.  He was so surprised that I had led my lover to the home I share with him.  My BBC lover and I disappeared behind the closed doors.   He decided to wait until nightfall, not wanting to draw attention from the nosey neighbors.   He was turned on sitting in the car,  his cock throbbing.   Wanting to hear my voice picked up his phone to call me again.

I answered!

However, by the tone of my voice, you knew I was getting that big black cock.  I was breathless and while getting my ebony pussy pounded.  However, I still answered.  He listens closely because he wanted to hear every squeak of the bed and the slapping of our flesh.  I put the phone down to give him an ear full.  By then that dick was telling him to go the window to take a peak.

Curious and horny he walked to the back of the house, where our bedroom is.  Peering through the window, he could see that BBC behind me fucking that good ebony cheating wife pussy from the back.

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