Ebony Ass Worship is more than just dragging your worthless tongue across an ebony ass as sexy and as fine as mine.  So for those of you that need and desire to be trained, your ebony Mistress Camille is here to teach everything you need to know about worshipping this perfect ebony ass.  Now, for my Camille Ass Worship Pro’s, this will give you a chance to smile, because you already know what excites your beautiful Ebony Goddess.  However, It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect!

Why is Ebony Ass Worship Important to your Mistress?

Ass licking is something that many have considered a little naughty or taboo.  It’s also something that a lot of people have not tried, despite how incredible ass worship can feel for their partner.  In addition to how great it feels, it also creates an overwhelming sense of intimacy in a Mistress/ slave relationship that is unmeasurable.  So, let me assure you that if you are looking for a budding Mistress/slave relationship with me, Ebony Ass Worship is a requirement.

Don’t be overzealous and go straight for the asshole.  Ebony Ass Worship is about appreciating and loving that pretty, brown, and round ass before you.  Admire it with your eyes, hands, and tongue! Massage it!  Gently grab those tender brown cheek and knead them between your hands.  Carefully rub your face on and between them.  That’s right, give that sexy black ass the love and honor it deserves.  There is nothing more arousing than to feel your mouth as you kiss and playfully nibble on my cheeks.  You should enjoy lavishing my cheeks with licks and light slurps before even moving to my sweet little brown asshole.

Now you have me totally turned on, you are following directions well.   I like that.  There are a few things that I would like to make you aware of about the ways you can use your tongue.  These are just a couple of techniques that make me squeal, and I love when they are used.  When you lay your tongue flat, it will give a softer broader stroke.  While pointing the tongue and darting it in an out can also be just as tense.   It will be your job to pay attention to my body and how it reacts to see what is making me the wettest tonight.

Use your hands

Make sure that your hands have been lotioned and are soft.  Palm each cheek and spread them apart.  Then dive your face in between them and inhale the essence of my juicy black booty.  Tease them, open and close them around your adoring face to create more of a sensation for me.

You may be wondering, what is the best position to give ass worship to your ebony Mistress?  Well, I will tell you that positions are just as important as technique. You always want to make sure that your Goddess is always comfortable to receive the ass worship her beautiful black ass deserves. I find that you kneeling on your knees is always an acceptable choice.  It allows me to slightly arch my back while you lick my sweet ass.  Doggy Style, on my back, and so many other ways to please your Mistress’ ass.  However, my absolute favorite is facesitting.

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