What’s every girl want for Christmas? Of Course, a puppy! What’s not to want about a puppy? They are cute & cuddly. The perfect companion for any girl! Oh, the added bonus when they grow up they are the best at fucking your tight holes. I knew when my Oliver bred with the neighbor’s German shepherd. I wanted a Puppy. It was going to be the perfect Christmas gift for my nieces & the perfect lover for me later on! Once the puppy got older I would inherit him.  After all, I was already eating dog cum from his Daddy. I knew I would love the bigger cock I would get from this puppy. His Mom was much larger than Oliver.

Winning The Best Aunt Reward

Christmas morning My niece’s came over to my house. They fell in Love with this little light brown puppy with Big Paws. They were so happy & loved Sadie right away. My Brother made me promise to keep the puppy at my house. I was getting wet from just the thought of how much fun Sadie would be. I knew he would take to licking pretty fast once his Daddy showed him how much fun it would be. The kids went off to their Cousin’s house and it was just me and the Dogs. What better time than now to see what Sadie would do once he found out the fun Oliver in I had. I carried Sadie into my bedroom and removed my panties. Whistled for Oliver to come and laid on my bed.

Laying back Oliver knew exactly How I liked it. We play a lot and Oliver loved making my pussy wet! Feeling his tongue go to work was amazing. I wanted Sadie to watch so I put him down by his daddy. Sadie was watching his daddy intensely devouring my cunt. I felt his wet nose touching my thighs. As his daddy had his tongue deep in my twat. I couldn’t control my orgasms any longer. Oliver was lapping up my sweet juices. Sadie even got in the action. Both sharing in my cream. I knew Sadie was going to be such a good boy and follow in his daddy’s footsteps. I loved being an Animal Sex whore

Eating dog cum for Christmas

Positioning Oliver pink K9 rob over me so I could reach his cock. I couldn’t wait to feel it throbbing within my hand. That pink missile was already rock hard. I loved feeling him hard and throbbing. I reached down to the bottom of his cock and started working his doggy cock. Stroking it up and down. Deciding I couldn’t just let him spray that cum all over my tits. Today I wanted a Christmas delight! So I started flickering my tongue on the tip of that pick rod.

His pre-cum tasted like the metal salty mix. That taste I love so much. eating dog cum is one of my favorite things. I’m such a slut for his K9 cock! As I was working Oliver cock I could feel Sadie tasting my cunt. Having one Doggy shaft in my mouth and one K9 tongue was pure heaven. I could tell in my future I would be eating dog cum A lot more!

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Oliver’s Pink Missile started to twitch and throb. That Doggy Baby Batter was about to explode into my mouth. I slid my mouth harder down that shafted. Pumping it into my mouth. His creamy K9 jizz started squirting into my mouth. Not wanting to miss a drop I engulf his cock down my throat. Feeling that stream hit the back of my tousles. I flooded Sadie’s face. I couldn’t help but lose control. However, Sadie was loving it. He was getting his own treat. This had become the best Christmas present yet!

The Best Christmas Present

Sadie was the perfect addition to My Family. Oliver and I were very happy adding him to our household. Sadie loved licking my pussy as I was eating dog cum from Oliver for all my K9 Phone Sex fans to hear. It was even better when Sadie would duck under me while Oliver was fucking my tight holes, Licking Oliver’s creampie he left in me. I couldn’t have had a better Christmas present that year. I got two doggy cocks to Fuck Suck and Please!