You never would guess a small town girl like me was at home having animal sex.

If you have never tried Animal Sex don’t knock it till you try it! Oliver is the best standby man I could ever have. He’s a Black Lab at the perfect horny stage. At 16 months he’s ready to fuck any hole he can get. Oliver loves giving his mommy attention. He knows when Mommy lets him on the bed it’s our special time. He’s any K9 Slut dream. He seems like the perfect normal dog to anyone who meets him. Then In the bedroom, he’s a  nice cock who knows how to use it!

I started playing with K9’s when I was at a Young age by accident.

One day I was my bed just playing with my pussy trying to cum before school. Murphy, Which was the dog I had back then noticed and jumped up on the bed.   I was on a mission to get that orgasm before school. I rubbed harder on my tiny little clit. My pussy started to get juicy the faster I rubbed. I felt I was getting close. I shut my eyes an imagined a nice hard cock deep inside me. All the sudden I felt something wet. When I looked down it was Murphy licking my pussy. Shocked an Confused I knew it was wrong. Murphy made my pussy feel was unbelievable.

He had his tongue deep inside my pussy slurping up all those juices.

He felt incredible! Form that day on there was not a day Murphy wasn’t licking my pussy. I have had guys lick my pussy. By far, Murphy was the Best! I regret never letting Murphy mount me. I was just too afraid of my own lust to let that happen back then.

Oliver is who made me the K9 cock slut I am.

I knew after Murphy passed away Id never go without a dog so I got Oliver. It was the perfect timing. I was moving into my own place in the country. I could have animal sex anytime I wanted. Where no one would know what I did or who. I was going to raise Oliver to love Mommy like a good doggy should. He slept in my bed at night. I sleep nude of course. Oliver’s favorite place to sleep was between Mommy’s legs. I was always very pleased with that. Just feeling a nice doggy head between my legs would get my juices flowing. I would get toys out as we laid there. Let Oliver watch Mommy sliding them in and out of her. As he got older he’d show interest in licking off the toys. Soon he was licking Mommy to orgasms. Oliver is such a good boy. Oliver was now loving Mommy’s pussy as much as Murphy did.

One night I got brave I had to know what Oliver cock felt like.

I let him lick me like he always did. I decided it was time to turn over on all fours. Oliver passed around me and buried his nose in my pussy. Telling him it was alright. Oliver Mounted me! I knew there was no turning back. I scared how hard he was going to take me. As he tried to find my wet pussy. I could feel his hard cock felt. He was prodding every section of my pussy he could. Then it happened! I felt his doggy cock inside my pussy. His paws got tighter around my sides. Scratching me as he held me in place. His cock plunged into my wet cunt. Intently fucking my pussy. He Fucked my pussy harder than anyone has ever had. I was made by my dog to just take his cock. Fucking my pussy I could feel his knot growing bigger. Stretching my pussy like it has never been before.

Then I felt that hot K9 Cum squirt into me. 

I was there knotted to Oliver and couldn’t move. I was afraid he’d rip me. His Knot was huge. I stayed still as much as I could. His knot felt so good bringing me to my stretching point. I could feel is knot pumping cum into me over in over. That hot creamy K9 cum. Nothing compares too. The first squirt brought me to my ecstasy. An orgasm that weaken my knees. A pleasure I’ve never felt before. I knew now I was Oliver’s whore. Olivers knott weakened. Slid from my now stretched cunt as doggy cum leaked from my hole. I couldn’t help but reach back an gathered some on my fingers. Bring it to my mouth. I wanted to taste that cum that gave me so much pleasure. That’s when I wanted to be an Animal Sex slut for life!

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