Eat Ice Cream As If It Is Your Favorite Thing In The World

Be like Coldstone and Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It!

One should eat ice cream as if it is their favorite thing in the world.  Don’t do it, if you don’t like it.  Act as if you love it.  Indulge in the cum fetish of snowballing.  Kiss me, and hold the back of my neck taught as you swish and swash that nut in my mouth.

Wet up my backside, and rub it in like lotion.  Then eat ice cream off my backside and shotgun it in my mouth.  The sticker your ice cream, the better.  Who cares that it isn’t the same consistency.  You should still eat ice cream as if it is your favorite thing in this world.

Please, eat ice cream like it is your favorite thing. 

I love that look on your face when it is all creamed up.  My nurturing spirit is so motherly or MILF-like these days.  I’ll take my napkin and clean you all up.  Better yet, lick it off your face like a good house cat. I see my nephews’ friends freak out over my tits as I hand them their ice cream cones.  They just ooh and ah at the sight of them.  Perfectly pear-shaped tits with perky stems that peep through my v-neck tee.  I imagine what they would say if I gave them a peep show.  

Peep shows aren’t necessarily ideal.  I reckon I like watching a guy sweat.  A bit of tease to create a more pleasant experience for me.  I’ll wear a tube top or a v-neck so that I’ll never have to open my own door or wash my own car.  Just a bit of skin and a bright smile will drive you boys crazy! 

It is hot outside, and all I want to do is eat ice cream.

Feed me, and share your cone with me.  I promise to slobber and drool all on it. I’ll have your waffle cone all wet and soggy in no time.  Taking huge licks across the double scoop of Heavenly Hash & Black Cherry!  OH My!  I love those two mixed together. Those cherries are like little balls of bliss and delight.  Whereas Heavenly Hash is full of chocolate chips and chocolatey goodness to ease my cravings for scat play.

Play with me, on Skype and let me watch you drop your load.  Doesn’t matter if it is a bit of Heavenly Hash in the John or French Vanilla on my face.  I’ll relish in the glory of it as my panties become drenched in my own soft cream.  The sound of you slurping as you eat ice cream drives me wild.  So, don’t be afraid when I grab you at the nape and wrap my thighs around you until you stop breathing.

Just take it!

Inhale the scent of my soft cream.  The magic sauce has been marinating all day in this panty girdle and stockings that my grandmother insisted I wear.  You should eat ice cream regularly.  I’ve heard it does wonders for the texture of your beard.  When you eat ice cream from my cup, it is guaranteed to soften your mustache and make your lips curl with delight.

I’m a country girl, so I need a bit of Butter Pecan on Sundays as I sit on the front porch.  Cum eat ice cream with me and I’ll feed you all the best flavors and combinations.  Nibble, slurp, spit, and gobble it all up.  The heat will have it dripping down the sides, but that’s no problem for me.  I’m a dick-sucking champ, and love to hear your yell: “suck my dick slut!’


Stop making me beg to eat your ice cream.  I shouldn’t have to beg, give it to me.  Toppings are great, but sometimes I like it just like I like my bourbon.  Give it to me straight!  No chase, no hassle, no haggling!  I’ll eat ice cream with you every day if you let me. I don’t have a nut allergy.  So let me bust your nuts, eat your ice cream and taste victory.

I can play your cheating wife and have you eat your best friend’s cream pie.  Play with me, and explore all of the flavors on the phone sex hotline where class meets kink. I’ll have you screaming: “I saw God today!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke