I Saw God Today When I Looked In Your Eyes & Saw My Soul

 I saw God today; His fingerprints are everywhere. When I look in your eyes, I swear I see my soul glaring back at me. A splash of God’s divine embrace is in your arms. I swear I feel like Noah walking with you. You intoxicate me like Hannah was drunken with the promise of a child.

 Rev. Ike said, “a drunk believes his own fantasy.” Well, I believe every country song & gospel song alike were made about our love. Our love is a testament to seeing God’s love. I saw God today when you came down off that tractor and tipped your hat to me.

You see, I saw God today when you made the impossible become reality. In Genesis when God gave man dominion & purpose, he was talking about us. Your feet are planted firmly on the ground. You & I till this earth & multiply our love with every kiss & step we take for it is on hallowed ground. I get carried away, like flower petals in an open field; for I know that this fight I’m in is not of flesh and blood. Your love arms me with a kingdom understanding that surpasses the misplaced faith in the material, and the fear of your other creations, creations.

 Honey, I’m not high.

 I saw God today & could feel him all so clearly as you told me about your day. You drink your whiskey & minister to me about how you’ve overcome every obstacle that came your way. Lay on my bosom and find rest.  I promise I am no Delilah.  Dance with me to that country music George Strait describes as being the space between sin & salvation. Take that shot of whiskey & feel redeemed as we have our phone sex session known by none other than prayer.

 Making love to you is prayer. There is no better way to worship our Maker than to play in the garden where souls are conjured. Let me sing to you as if I were Tori Kelly & assure you that all “is well with my soul.” This is a love that only God knows. Utterly in complete submission for you have taught me how to trust you with more than my words or with a song.

 Simply marveling at how my empathic sense is turned off when I’m in your presence.  The millions of thoughts, to-do-list, and messages running rampant through my mind cease as Yeshua works through you to command the sea around my cerebral cortex to be still.  It is like speaking into the void. No better yet, Twitter, because the response is always tangible.  A man of promise, you don’t speak in vain.  The sound of your voice commands my soul and every creature catches your breath.  For your breath is full of life causing the oceans within my universe to move. 


 All of my praises will still fall shy of the gratitude I feel for having been graced with such an infectious love.  A love that is like salvation chasing out all of my pride and forcing me to submit to you, and yet you yield unto me as well.  There is no match or a couple out here that describes our undying love.  God only knows love like this.  This supersedes an Abrahamic love.  It precedes the love of Adam and Eve.  I truly do believe you love me like Christ loved the church.  May you never divorce me like the children of Israel.  May you always take heed and keep me as Hosea kept Gomer regardless of her rebellion against their covenant. 

Honey, I’m still better than a concubine, for that would place me less than.  I’m more than your wife and helpmeet. I waited for you.  I saved a piece of me just for you.  For that sacred love that has become part of folklore.  We are God’s love.  In our love, there is a refuge for the lost, and healing for the sick.  Our love creates a space for us to choose our own spell before the world chooses it for us. 

 I saw God today. 

I see God every day that we are in one another’s presence.  Together we are unstoppable. Apart, we are grand and stand independently.  Yet, coupled like each animal and being in the Book of Jasher, we stand undefeated.  For when the raging seas cease and we return unto the world post-pandemic, even the beast will defend us.  The ancestors will change the current, and send their ever nurturing diatoms our way to replenish the land.  When we are hungry, the heavens will release Mana upon us.  You are my Elohim, and I am your Ashera.  You are my Zeus and I reincarnate in every one of your wives.  Forever chasing me, as I transition through the many phases of time, appearing as Lilith, Rachel, Ruth, Queen Ester, Queen Makeba, and possibly a Disney Princess or your celebrity fetish.

 Chat with me, and relinquish your sins.  Repent with the 42 Laws of Maat.  Yield unto me my love and find rest within the new Atlantis or big rock-candy mountain here at Phone Sex Kingdom, the chat line where class meets kink. You might enjoy telling me to suck my dick heaux


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke