Eat Your Own Cum, And Love It!

Hey, baby. I hear from a little birdie in the kingdom that you just can’t get enough. Can’t get enough of my tight little ass grinding down onto your balls. Or enough of sucking on these perfect nipples. Such a dirty boy, stroking that limp little dick of yours as you imagine yourself, lying back and letting me ride your cock til you shoot streams of your cum deep inside me. But most of all, the birdie tells me, is that you can’t get enough of your own cum. Such a loser, probably wishing you could suck your own cock instead of being a real man and burying it deep inside my warm, tight pussy. But instead, you like to eat your own cum.
Let me save you some time, you cum slut. Here is what I want you to do for Miss Victoria, right now. I have seen your kind so many fucking times. Just get that soft fucking body of yours naked, you sick little dick-jerker. Lube up. And don’t pretend you need lube, or lotion, or whatever else you fucking use. You have gallons, hidden all over the house, just for those moments when you feel like a bit of fucking cum snack. Seriously. Get a fucking job. Travel the fucking world, but do something other than jerk that cock of yours day in, day out.

But since you are jerking it anyways, loser.

I might as well show you these sweet titties close up and personal. You like them, so don’t even try to fucking smile. The hard little nipples, the thought of them bouncing as I fuck you like a cowgirl. But here you are on your sticky little couch or sticky little office chair, leaning back with long, hard strokes. Show me what you can do, you’re the fucking pro.  Pull pecker loser.
That’s right, I am playing with my pussy, watching you stroke. You like to watch this wet pussy don’t you, as you stroke yourself, you sick bastard. Strip that dick, you loser. Get that groove going with your hand. See this pussy? No fucking way you can ever get this, so keep your stroking going on. The nice wet hand that you imagine is my pussy, loser? See that pre-cum. That is my favorite. Sweet and yummy. How about yours, loser? Your favorite, too?

 Imagine my tongue on your balls right now, as you shoot that beautiful stream of cum across those soft, girly fingers.

Sticky fingers, as usual, you fucking limp-dick. Now here is what you are going to do, cum-fingers. Take that hand, and lick it. That’s right, you cum-eating loser, run your tongue up and down your fingers, just like you are sucking a cock. Stare at me, and taste your own cum. Let it drip off your lips, just the way you like it. Come on, eat it all you little bastard. every last drop. Think about me draining that cock with lips wrapped around that shaft.
Come on, eat that cum dripping off your hand. Need more? Stroke that soft cock of yours again as I stroke my pussy, letting my fingers dance across this swollen, sweet clit. Nice dripping loads of cum onto your tongue, your lips, sliding down your throat.
I make all my boys eat their cum, you know this right. All my little cum-eating little boys are here every day. Maybe I should get you to eat each other’s cum.  Mmmmmm…now that could be so much fun.
Eat, you bastard.  Eat.

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