So one of my fuck buddies, Dan, is a firefighter. His firehouse was hosting an Easter egg hunt for local kids today and he had volunteered to play the Easter Bunny at the hunt. He was not to thrilled about the task so I decided to give him a little surprise to make the job a little more fun.

I showed up for the Easter egg hunt and watched as the “Easter Bunny” took pictures with the kids and interacted with him. When it was time for the egg hunt the Easter Bunny said good-bye and hopped on down the bunny trail, or rather disappeared into the station. I took this as my chance to reward his good deed and slipped into the station as well. I found him in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee he had not even taken off the costume yet.

I pressed my body up against his back and began stroking his cock through the furry suit. I felt him harden and whispered into the mask, “Hey Peter Cottontail, you wanna stuff my basket?”

He eagerly nodded and I giggled, feeling very naughty I was going to fuck the Easter Bunny. He turned and pivoted my body, pushing my face down on the kitchen table. I felt him lift my skirt and begin to stroke my pounding pussy through my lace thong. I felt the bodysuit of the costume drop and his hard cock pushing aside my panties. He was eager and rough, slamming himself into me and began pounding my puss hard. Jeez, he must find this HOT because he had never fucked me this hard. I kept thrusting deep inside me and I felt my  pussy cream all over his big rod before he exploded inside my pussy. I felt our juices start to ooze out of me and rose to find a towel to clean up with when I noticed a huge Eagle tattoo on the Easter Bunny’s bicep. Dan had tats but not that one.

“You’re not Dan!?!”, I exclaimed.

“No Dan had something come up so I filled in,” the stranger in the bunny mask explained.

“Hmm, a pleasure to meet you Peter Cottontail,” and I made my exit as quickly as possible.

I guess I gave the Easter Bunny a bigger surprise than I had planned.

Can I give you a nice Easter surprise?

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