Drunk College Sex Stories of Revenge Fucking!

Revenge fucking? You might be asking yourself. YES! You see, usually, I am the one who cheats but recently I was dating someone who did just that. How dare he, am I right? When I found out I was quite devasted and what cures a heartbreak better than anything, VODKA! Obviously, I wouldn’t be drinking alone so I called my best guy friend. He always knows how to make me laugh and he was just what I needed. Drink after drink, I kept forgetting all about my ex and then things got a bit hot!

As we were on the couch he said he had always had a crush on me. I was very surprised because we’ve been good friends for a really long time. I drunkenly giggled and told him what was his favorite thing about me. He was being totally serious though and started to point out every single thing that he loved. At that drunk moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to get naked and fuck him! So I did. I started to strip for him. Slowly so he could see every single inch of my body just like in the wet dreams he said he always had about me.

Once I was completely nude I straddled him and started kissing him. Drunk sloppy make-out sessions are the best. His hands get gripping my ass and by that point, I was soaking wet. I got on my knees and pulled out his cock, taking it all the way back to my throat. Gagging on his hard dick just made me want him every more. I just wanted him inside me so I sat right on his dick. Reverse, looking back at him while I bounced on his cock, that was the best-drunk sex I’ve ever had.

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