My Professor Has A Lipstick Fetish

This past semester of college was a little rough for me. Though I aced the classes that I took, I had to work more than usual. It isn’t a problem, of course. But sometimes I have to work in other ways. Those ways may have included satisfying my professor’s lipstick fetish. How did I know what he liked? I only had to notice at the way he looked at me when I would pull out my compact mirror and apply my favorite lipgloss. He ogled over the shiny, thick gloss and my plump lips so I made my move.

I went to his office after class and I made sure right before I walked in my lips were looking perfect. My grades to date were not bad but I was going to get a B for the entire semester and I wanted an A. When I walked in I sat down right in front of him and pressed my glossy pink lips together. That did for him, he was flustered and when I came up to him and sat up on his desk he didn’t have a choice but to do whatever I said.

“I want an A. Give me an A.”

I said as I was slowly pushing his rolling chair back and kneeling in front of him. He was bright red but never asked me to stop. Instead, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I started stroking it with one hand while I still looked up at him. Licking my lips and asking him what I needed to do to earn my A. When I finally pressed the mushroom head of his dick against my sticky pink glossy lips, he said in between little moans that I had an A. That’s when I wrapped my lips around his cock and started taking it deep down my throat.

When he was ready to cum I looked up him with my pretty brown eyes and licking my pink glossy lips and begged for his load. Next semester I am taking another literature class with him. I guess I always know how to get an A.

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