Too much Xanax can cause drowsiness, fatigue and unauthorized drugged out sex…

My friend Sheri is afraid to fly.  To help with her anxiety, she will take extra Xanax and mix that with a cocktail on the plane.  She knows she shouldn’t do this, but she would rather not cause alarm on the plane by having a panic meltdown, so she does it any way.  It works for her.  The last time she did this, it resulted in some good drugged out sex.

My friend Matt and I met Sheri at LAX last weekend.  She had attended a conference in New York and was flying to LA to spend the week with me.  I knew that it was going to be an especially long flight with at least one layover and that Sheri would be medicating herself.  I wondered what sort of condition she’d be in when we picked her up.  I fully expected to put her right to bed upon arriving back home.

I was right.  I watched as she stumbled toward Matt and me, almost walking right past us and in an obvious daze.

“Hey!” I grabbed her arm lightly and stopped her from walking past us.

“Oh, girl!” she hugged me as she recognized me and whispered in my ear.  “I am SO fucked up!”  

“Too many cocktails on the plane?” I laughed.

“I may have taken too much Xanax.” she whispered as she leaned on me.  “I am so ready to pass out.”

“Well just hang on.  This is my friend Matt.  He’s going to get your bag and he’ll get us to my house in a flash, okay?”  

Sheri smiled at Matt.  “I’ve never seen YOU before!” she said as she threw her arms around him.  She pressed her big fake tits against his chest and I saw his eyes widen.  “You’re so hot, Matt.  Maybe we can fuck later.” she kissed his lips and I laughed as I pulled her away from him.  Matt looked at me and smiled.  I know that he was dying to fuck her and I didn’t blame him.  Sheri looks like a walking Barbie doll.  Anyone would want to fuck her.  

On the drive home, Sheri had completely passed out.  She was sitting in between us in the front seat of his car.  A few times, he put his hand on her bare leg just to touch her skin.

“Do you think she’ll really let me fuck her?” he asked, hopefully.  “She’s not just saying that because she’s high on drugs, right?”

“She might be just saying that.  She has a boyfriend.  It might be better to fuck her before she gets sober.”  I said.  He stepped on the accelerator to rush home.

When we got back to my place, Matt scooped Sheri up and practically ran upstairs to my bedroom.  I pulled the covers off and he placed her gently on my bed.  We stood there, staring at her for a minute.  Drugged out sex seemed like a great idea.

“Jesus, my dick is so hard right now.” he whispered, reaching out again to touch Sheri’s leg.  He rubbed her inner thigh and reached for his dick at the same time, stroking it over his pants.   Sheri was on her back, legs spread open, breathing heavily.  

“Go ahead and just fuck her now, Matt.” I said, “She is probably going to be passed out for a long time.”  

“Are you sure? Is it okay?”  he began to take his pants off, revealing his big, 9 inch, throbbing dick.  

“Is it okay to have drugged out sex with a woman who is unconscious and unable to give consent?”  I asked. When he hesitated, I laughed.  “No, it’s not okay, dumbass but here’s your chance to fuck her so do it!”

He got on his knees in between Sheri’s legs and lifted her legs slowly and carefully until they were resting on his shoulders.  He held them there as he slid his dick into her tight pussy.  He closed his eyes and moaned loudly.  “Oh, fuck!  That’s a good pussy.”  He started to fuck her faster and harder, the more he saw how completely passed out she was.   He was really enjoying having drugged out sex with a passed out bimbo.  

“Take your time, Matt.  She’s not going to wake up any time soon.” I said.

“I’ll hit her again in a little while…” he said as he began slamming his cock into her.  “I”m ready to blow a load right now.”  And he sure did.  He pulled his dick out and sprayed his jizz all over her stomach.  

“How was that?” I asked, knowing the pussy was excellent, but also knowing that fucking the passed out, oblivious Sheri was also very taboo and erotic for him.

He was panting and nodding his head, smiling.  “So fucking good.”  He looked at Sheri for a minute and then slid his cock inside of her again.  “I’m ready again.”  

Sheri was passed out for about three hours.  Needless to say, Matt took full advantage of those three hours and never seemed to get tired of having drugged out sex with Sheri.  I felt a little guilty about encouraging it, but I got over it pretty quickly.  

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