Dreaming about a sexy three-way with one of my girlfriends

I woke up this morning with soaked panties and hard nipples. I’d been dreaming and had one of the sexiest wet dreams of my life. I was on vacation in SoCal with London and we were headed to the lake. It was warm and sunny and we were both just wearing a pair of cut-offs over our bikinis.

We got to the beach, set up our towels and umbrella. Spent most of the afternoon swimming and playing in the water together. We were occasionally groping each other under the water, and then coming up for air and kissing. The sun was setting and everyone was going home, but we weren’t ready for the day to be over yet, so we grabbed a couple of blankets out of our bags, wrapped ourselves up and cuddled close to watch the sun set. The cuddling didn’t last long.

London started kissing my collarbone, up my neck, achingly slowly.

I didn’t know whether or not I was dreaming, and I didn’t really care. She kissed my neck, nibbling my ear, her right hand traveling up from my knee, over my thigh, up my hip, and over my stomach. I was moaning softly as she started circling my left nipple over my bikini top. I moaned loudly as she continued to tease me, then rolled over and pushed her back into the sand, yanking her bikini top over her breasts, and sucking one of her hard, perky little nipples into my mouth. She moaned softly, grabbing my ass through my shorts before reaching between us to undo them, then pushing my shorts and my bikini bottoms down my hips. She undid the string bikini top and tossed it aside with my other clothes, her hands all over me.

All I could think about was the fact that we could get caught, and it was making me so wet. I leaned back and yanked her shorts and bikini bottoms off of her. Then I started sucking her other nipple before kissing down her body to her hot, tight little cunt. I ate her out like my life depended on it, and then she laid be back into the sand and returned the favor. We both came more times than we could count.

Next thing I knew was the sound of the loud screech of my alarm.

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