Turning towards the task at hand I enjoy bringing the scene through phone sex as I work my magic. Roleplay and all it’s dirty fantasy is so alluring. You can find your darkest fantasy by just closing your eyes and feeling the role wash over you. Phone sex is amazing like that. You can hide behind the phone as you listen to nothing but my voice, coaxing, luring, entertaining you as you feel your heart racing.

Nothing is more exhilarating then giving in to all that you desire, crave, yearn for as you give in to my voice. I relax your mind, ease the tension as I rise the blood, pounding, running, coursing through your veins. You are relaxed, unable to fight back as I reach deeper, deeper, DEEPER in your subconscious.

You feel exposed, open, control and unable to fight back as your walls tumble down around you. You’re reaching for a way out but your own voice stops you. Betrays you as it becomes mine. You’re so confused but aroused you let go, give in, and you are mine. That’s it dear, let the dark passion rise out and claim your thoughts, boiling them to the surface for me to see. They are mine, as are you…

Can't things just be the way they used to be?

Let’s play.