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Alyssa had a big, thick, juicy exam coming up and was struggling so hard with her anatomy. It was like her tongue couldn’t curl correctly around each new Latin word. Funny to say that about such a nasty little cock sucker like Alyssa seeing as how she never had any trouble curling her Double Girls Fun tongue around anything else or making men’s toes curl for that matter, but there she was stressing out about this huge test. Carmen had put up a flyer on one of the bulletin boards right by the Anatomy class, hoping to earn a little side cash just a couple of days ago. If any beautiful baby doll could help Alyssa, it was Carmen.

Alyssa called Carmen’s steamy digits and listened to the long, drawn-out ring tone. Even her phone rang sexily. This is precisely why she had chosen Anatomy in the first place. The 2 Girl Call ended with arrangements to meet at Nicole’s house at 8 pm. She was all ready for her lesson for sure. Carmen was right on time and looking edible as usual. Alyssa kept reminding herself to Double Girls Fun focus, but after 30 mins of having this tutor session with a sexy hot thing like this, she couldn’t take it anymore.

It was Nicole’s turn to be the Teacher.

I knew the first time I had ever met Carmen; we were the best two girl call a man could have. The way we spoke to each other, you know how girls who are flirting act. We both kept smiling and touching our hair; we both kept laughing at each other’s jokes and touching the other’s arm or leg. It was clear to me we could and would have amazing sex together, but I’ve done that before. This blondie was too hot and to fun to just fuck and be done with it. I wanted to capture the chemistry I knew we had on him. I actually convinced her to make a porno with me!

All porn is definitely not created equal, and Girl on Girl porn is no exception to the rule. When Carmen stepped on set, she was ready to give it all for sure. It didn’t hurt that she wanted to fuck me and have me lick that pretty little Double Girls Fun pussy of hers while she watched my every lapping motion up her small and perfect slit until I pushed through to flick my soft, warm tongue on her clit.

I saw it all over this sweet cum slut.

Yes, even a dirty little cum slut can be a sweet girl, you can see it in their eyes. I wanted to give this tan-bodied blondie my all and fuck her till she collapsed. As soon as she stepped into the studio I had been working with; I could see on her face that things were getting real. She was ready to do this and let me tell you; this bad bitch brought her body that doesn’t quit.

This blonde had significant ambition and went right for it. Carmen leaned into me and kissed me so passionately my thighs lit on fire. I told her that I wanted her to go sit on the couch and take every stitch of clothing she had on all the way off. It may or may not surprise you to know she had only lingerie under her coat, so it wasn’t long before our perfect bodies were rubbing up against each other with the camera rolling.

I had this beautiful blonde bend over so I could eat her tasty little juicy ass right up. We captured the reality of just how much she loved every lick my tongue. She dished out against that clean little tight pink asshole. I had this kitten purring in no time at all. Once our panties came off, so did the lingerie.  Sliding three fingers deep within that impeccable pussy that honestly only wanted more from me, her newest lover.

I finger fucked this girl like you wouldn’t believe.

Carmen squirted all over that couch and right into my eager mouth. Then when she stopped shaking and moaning little post cum whimpers, it was her turn to feast. My soft curvy phone sex body was on her menu. There is so much for us to tell you about and create new memories while the two of us are together. Take advantage of this time! The two of us are explosive.