Daddy is wanting my warm tight pussy, so I am going to be dominating daddy good today!

I am walking around the house in a mini skirt and tight tank top. And I know daddy is having a hard time turning away. His eyes are lingering, looking at my sexy body up and down. Then I think to myself, I am going to be dominating daddy good! He has no idea that I plan to seduce and tease him! I look at him and tell him to follow me to my bedroom. “Daddy follow me, I have a surprise for you.” He can sense the eagerness in my voice. He follows behind me and I instruct him to lay on the bed. “All your clothes need to come off daddy.”

I have some rope that I found in the garage and tie his arms and legs up. “You are not going anywhere daddy, you are mine to play with today!” I sit on top of him, straddling his bare cock. His fat cock is pressing up against my wet panties. I lean back and stick my toes and feet in his face.

“Kiss them right now!”

Dominating daddy good makes my pussy tingle and dripping wet. His mouth sucks and kisses my perfect soft feet and toes. I’m getting so much enjoyment out of making him, my bitch!

“Daddy I think you have been naughty lately.”

I walk over to my closet and get a belt of mine. Then, I crack it against his chest and then his thighs. His skin pops as the leather hits him. “That daddy cock is growing really big now isn’t it daddy?” My pussy is aching to be dominating daddy good! I put his swollen cock head right against my lips. “Do you deserve my sweet little mouth wrapped tightly around you?” He starts to beg and plead for me to suck on him. I tease him a bit more, spitting down his cock before my lips take him into my mouth.

Daddy’s cock is twitching for me to be dominating daddy good! What can I say? I guess I’m Daddy’s little princess!

I take him into my mouth and let his dick flex to the roof of my sloppy wet hungry mouth. Then he starts to pump in my face. “Bad daddy!” So, I grab my belt and paddle him on his thighs and ass. “You are to do as I say and want daddy! Act like a good fucking boy for me or I will put makeup on you and dress you up like the little bitch that you are!” He agrees to be good, so I’m going to give him another chance. I’m going to be dominating daddy well, to the point of making him bust a fat wad of cum out his balls if he behaves!

This is about my pleasure anyway. I get on top of daddy’s face and make him eat my tight pussy out. “I’m going to squirt over and over again and you are going to eat it up!” My pink little twat cannot stop grinding on daddy’s mouth. “If you are going to beg to cum, scream it into my pussy!” Dominating daddy good makes me so fucking horny!

So, I guess since daddy is doing everything I demand, I will get his cum out of his balls. I have teased him enough! So, I get on top of his hard cock and stuff it into my soaking wet pussy. “Take it, daddy, I’m giving you my tight teen pussy!” Then he can barely hold back with how I am grinding back and forth on his fuck stick. Dominating daddy good is going to make my pussy squirt on his fat cock!

He has been so good, I’m going to let him bust!

I want that cum in my tight little pussy hole! “Daddy give me your cum.” Then he thanks me as he fills me up! There is not going to be anything left in those balls.

I love dominating daddy good! He needs my tight pussy, and I’m happy to give it to him. He always stuffs me so full of hot juicy buzz! Usually, he is the one giving it to me but not this time! Maybe if he is lucky he will get it again before bedtime! I can not promise I won’t be meaner to him though!

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