This is how my bad boy neighbor turned boyfriends into cuckolds.

Cuckolds, you know you love it too. For as long as I can remember I’ve been attracted to bad boys. Something about a hot guy who is rough around the edges has always turned me on. Growing up my mother always warned me about the bad boys down the street. She said that they would get me into trouble. Leaving me knocked up and broke. Since I was always a good girl, I took my mother’s warnings to heart and never spoke to any of the bad boys on my block. Years later, I’m all grown up and ready to play with the bad boys.

Jason was at work, and I was moving some things into our new apartment. While I was carrying boxes in and out of the house, I noticed the guy across the street watching me. He was tall with a bald head and full sleeve tattoos on both arms. Even from a distance, I could tell that he had a great body from the way his t-shirt clung to his chest. He was the kind of guy I had fantasized about fucking for years. Just catching glimpses of him smoking out on his porch was enough to make my pussy ache with desire.

I tried to put him out of mind and concentrate on moving the last few boxes when I saw he was walking across the street in my direction.

He introduced himself as Reggie and offered to help me move the last of the boxes. In no time at all he had my last few boxes swept up in his powerful arms. As I watched him walk my pussy got wet, and my knees got weak.

The last box Reggie brought in went to the bedroom. He sat the box down in the corner and asked me why my bed was still in pieces. “Jason and I are going to put it together when he gets home,” I said. “That’s stupid,” Reggie replied, “I can put this together for you now.” I didn’t argue; I just watched him work. His broad shoulders and shredded biceps rippling beneath his t-shirt made me wet. I could feel my nipples throbbing under my shirt. To try to avoid embarrassment I left the bedroom to get us a couple of beers.

When I came back into the room, Reggie had finished putting the bed together. I handed him the beer and thanked him for taking the time to help me out today. Reggie took his beer to the head and finished half of the bottle in one gulp. As I sipped my beer, he looked at me hungrily. He put his beer down on one of the boxes, grabbed the waistband of my jeans and pulled me close to him. I tried to push away, but I loved being wrapped in Reggie’s arms.

I loved pressing my tits against his chest and feeling his cock getting stiff against me. Before I knew it, we were undressing each other and crawling into my newly assembled bed. Reggie hovered over me, pulling out his fat 9-inch cock. I slid out of my t-shirt and bra so that I could wrap my tits around his magnificent cock.

As I lifted my head to take Reggie into my mouth, Jason walked into the room.

I could tell from the look on his face that Jason was angry and hurt to see me in bed with Reggie. But before Jason could say anything, Reggie ordered him to stand in the corner. I could tell that Jason was still pissed, but he didn’t dare argue with a man as dominant and vigorous as Reggie. With Jason watching from the corner, Reggie slid his thick, throbbing cock into my wet pussy. My back arched, and my pussy opened wider to take every inch of Reggie inside of me.

As Reggie thrust deeper into me, he never took his eyes off of Jason. For the first time, I realized Reggie was turning Jason into a cuckold. “How does it feel to see your woman fucked by a real man?”, Reggie asked. Jason just stood there, red in the face with a raging hard on. Reggie fucked me hard and deep as Jason looked on with tears in his eyes and his cock in his hand.

I should be worried about how I’m going to deal with Jason when this is over, but all I can think about is Jason’s hard cock throbbing inside of me.

Filling me with his hot, creamy load. As Reggie pulled his cock out, he motioned Jason over to the bed. Reggie pushed Jason’s head between my legs and demanded that Jason cleans out the cum that was dripping out of me. As Jason lapped Reggie’s cum out of my dripping cunt, I knew that I was never going to be satisfied with good guys like Jason. I will always need a dominate bad boy like Reggie in my life, and Jason is just here to clean me up after.
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