The Dog Walker in a Hot and Wild Threesome

Once upon a time.. I was a dog walker.

I walked just about the same dogs every day. I had about 5 or 6 dogs. I walked them all around the same time every day, and their owners had gotten really comfortable with me. Two or three of the owners had me just walk in their house to get the dog at the same time every day. Well one day, doing my normal routine I went to pick up one of my dogs named Rocksi. Rocksi’s owners really liked me. I walked in everyday to get their dog while they were usually upstairs. Well to my surprise, today they were downstairs. Not only were they downstairs, but they were naked downstairs. Not only were they naked, but they were fucking right before my eyes. I jumped back behind the door, hoping they didn’t see me and I could run out as if nothing happened.

“Chloe is that you?” Mrs. Brown yelled out. “No I’m just leaving I didn’t see anything.” I yelled back, feeling like I invaded someone’s privacy. Now I must say Mrs. Brown was a sexy, hot MILF and her husband, mm let’s just say they looked really good together. “No honey your fine come in shut the door behind you.” Not knowing what to expect I walk in the living room. “Now tell me what you saw Chloe, honestly I just want to know baby everything is okay.” Not sure of the vibe yet at all, I say, “I promise only thing I saw was you on top of him.” “Would you like to be on top of him Chloe? Would you like to fuck my husband? How about eat my pussy? I guess what I am asking you Chloe is would you like to join?”

I stand there completely shocked, after a pause I reply, “YES the fuck I would Mrs. Brown.”

At that point I was hella excited, I had never fucked a milf before. I couldn’t wait to get down there and smother her wet pussy with my face. I had found her soo hot. All that was going through my mind was how good I was going to give it to BOTH of them. I couldn’t wait to get that party started. I wanted her husband’s cock to beat the back of my throat, right in front of her while she ate my pussy. I was craving her big and luscious breast. At that point I wanted that couple so bad. Oh and believe me I got what I wanted! For the rest of the story stay tuned for part 2 of my Dog Walker  story boyssss 😉

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