Big Dog,Dirty Dreams

Drinking too much can absolutely give you some wild and insane dreams, let me tell you! I was staying at my boyfriend’s house for a few days while he was out of town on business . He asked if I’d look after his dog, it was honestly easier to just stay there than make trips. Over a few times a day to feed and walk him, so I just stayed there. I’ve always liked his dog, he’s a big beast of a thing, quite powerful. I’d noticed many times how large his dick is, a lot bigger than my boyfriend’s is.

Naughty Dog Fantasies

I was enjoying a few drinks and watching some porn and I was getting really horny and decided to masturbate. The dog was sitting on the floor watching me rub my pussy, then I came. And fell asleep and I had a very naughty dream about the dog. Like REALLY naughty. I dreamed I was getting out of the shower and opened the shower door. And he was on the other side staring at me as I was dripping wet and naked . I reached for the towel to dry myself off.  And the dog advanced and started to lick the water off of me. I laughed and pushed him back, but he wouldn’t stop. I got out of the shower and took the towel and headed for the bedroom. I thought I could just close the door and dry off in there, but he was hot on my heels.

Big Dog ,Kinky Fun

dog dreams with C.J.

He actually tripped me and I fell over a pair of my boyfriend’s shoes that were on the floor and I went sprawling onto my hands and knees, still dripping and naked, I was about to get up and all of a sudden the dog was on top of me from behind and I could feel his long, hard cock pushing his way into my pussy and I was struggling to get up, but he wouldn’t let me. His paws were draped over me and he was thrusting in and out of me and his knot was inside of me and I couldn’t get up with his weight pressing down on me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I could feel his balls slapping against me and feel his hot dog breath on my shoulder as he fucked me against my will, but he weighed more than I do, how could I overpower him, I couldn’t.

Being Raped By A Big Dog

He then shot his doggy cum inside of my bare, wet pussy, and then he started to sniff my ass and cunt once he withdrew and started to lick his cum out of my pussy. At this point I could have gotten up, but I’m ashamed to say it felt so good, I didn’t even try to get up, I just let him lick me and my clit was all stiff and dripping with his dog cum, I am such a shameless slut, I let him do it and I did cum from his hot, wet, flat tongue licking my dog cum filled cunt. I then awoke having an orgasm and looked down and saw him sleeping on the end of the bed at my feet. He hadn’t touched me, my God, what a bad girl I am for even having such a dream! I sure won’t tell my boyfriend about it.

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