Doctor knows best so I never miss an appointment.

Being 18 and not having the freedom to do whatever I want with my body, leads to me wanting to do “inappropriate things” even more. So, I love to fuck and my father just doesn’t understand me, he thinks I need therapy. I guess the doctor knows best.

Dad’s best friend is a Mental Health Doctor and he says he can really help me. After one week, from getting caught fucking the neighbor next door by my parents, things changed. I can’t wait to move out of this house, till then, I have to do as my father says. 

Dressed like a catholic school girl, with a long skirt and a top that covers everything, I show for my Doctor’s appointment. My father will never know that I’m not wearing any panties under this Nun outfit he bought for me. Nevertheless, I can be a little slutty. 

“Dr. Burkhard, it’s me, Yazmin. I have an appointment with you at 2 O’Clock.”

“Yes… Yazmin, please sit!” he announces. “So tell me, what’s going on? Also, just to let you know, anything you say or do here won’t be repeated to your father. By law, I can’t tell a soul, if so, I can lose my licenses. Therefore, please feel free to be as open as you like. This is a safe space.” 

“Thank you, Dr. Burkhard,” I responded. “I just don’t understand why I’m being punished because of something that wasn’t my fault,” I say aggressively. I’m not the liar here, I just love sex! And, right now it’s the only thing that mellows me out. My anxiety has been through the roof, trying to please my parents and be their perfect little girl.” 

“Ever since I was young, I’ve been waiting to explore my sexuality. Once I lost my virginity, sex just became better and better. Different partners, ages, and positions… I just couldn’t help myself to not jump on any dick.”

“Felt soo good having someone’s hands work up my legs, caressing, and teasing me. I just wanted anyone to pound my young tight pussy. So, I saw this as an opportunity to fuck my neighbor whenever because he’s right next door. I’m sure that the doctor knows best but having a man cum inside me always does the trick.” As I explained I noticed, he started to get a little antsy. 

“Well, you see Doctor, I think I should be able to fuck whomever I want, even you.” 

“Whoa… Yazmin, that’s not appropriate.” He responded nervously.

“Why, cause my daddy said so? I’m a big girl now Doctor and I know you’ve been wanting to taste my sweet pussy,” I stated as I walk over to him.

“Here, have a taste,” I lift my leg onto his desk, grabbing his hand to slip it inside. “I’m not wearing any panties and my pussy is dripping wet thinking about you penetrating me. Injecting me with your warm medicinal cream. The Doctor knows best… therefore,  you know that warm cum will calm my nerves.” 

“You’re right Yazmin, Doctor knows best to properly prescribe you medication and I will get that to you..!” He panicked, searching for his prescription pad. Instead, I grab his hand and have him finger fuck me. “Oh fuck, YES!” My pussy gushed with juices.  I pull out his fingers then shove them in his mouth. 

“Doctor, just a taste,”

“Usually, it will last me throughout my day.” I drop to my knees and pull out his 8-inch thick cock. Licking his tip, going up and down his shaft with the tip of my tongue. Sucking on his mushroom head. Slurping his large load of precum, begging for more.

“Fuck this wet pussy, Doctor, I want to feel you shoot your load inside me. He grabs me by my hips and bends me over. Pushes his cock deep inside, and starts pounding my pussy. As I’m about to climax, I feel him shoot his load deep inside.

“Mmhmm, thank you for your medicine, Doctor, I already feel it kicking in..” as I walked away saying goodbye. 

I’m ready for my meds, Doctor. Call me for HOT roleplay phone sex.