If I can see the neighbor next door through my bedroom window then he can definitely see me too.

When I turned of age, I was finally able to purchase my own porn. I got so excited. I instantly started to take my clothes off and touch myself once I got up to my room. Right when I’m about to cum, I looked at the window and realized that my blinds were completely open. I see my neighbor next door has a clear view of me and he instantly ducked to hide.

Backyard BBQ

Meanwhile, my parents decided to have a BBQ at their house. Guess who showed.. yes, it was him, our neighbor next door. I see a ring on his finger but no wife around, so I walked up to him and asked. He tells me that he is having some marriage problems and it’s leaning towards a divorce. Knowing of this got me excited, especially seeing how cute he was close up. So I start to flirt a little bit. I lean over a to whisper in his ear, “You can watch me masturbate anytime, with a wink, then I walked away. 

He follows…

He tells me his wife is out of town for the weekend and for me to come over to have some fun. My parents are so distracted at the moment, they won’t notice me leave. Once I get there he offers me a drink and we go out to the pool and start chatting. I come closer, “So what have you seen?” He smiled and choked off his drink. Spraying it all over my blouse. He apologized, as I head over to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I then have thought to myself… “Walking out butt naked sounds like a good way to get this party started.” With the intention to get his dick hard for me, I come out to the back naked and ask for a swim. He gasped and responded, “Yes, did you want anything to wear?” I replied, “Nope, this is just fine.” I come closer and I grab his cock. “I know you want me, I’ll never tell.” I slowly start to remove his clothes as I dropped to my knees and started to tease his cock with my lips. Kissing the tip, tasting his precum, licking his hard cock up and down his shaft with the tip of my tongue. 

Don’t you dare cum yet!

With this in mind, I get up, run over to the pool, and jump in. Therefore, he followed. He grabs me in the water and starts to make out with me. His lips against mine, our tongues start to swirl around each other. Touching my body all over, he worked his hand down south as he started rubbing on my clit. With a little pressure, he slowly starts to work his fingers inside, as I grab for his rock hard cock.

I never thought I’d be getting it on with my neighbor next door. Especially with my parents having a party on the other side of the fence. Not even caring I whispered to him, “I want to feel your throbbing cock inside of me. I walk over to the steps. He tells me, Bend over here, I’m going to eat that young tight ass and pussy,” as he gives me a nice slap on my booty.

After getting my pussy ready, he starts rubbing over his mushroom tip head with saliva. With just the tip he teased me at first, then finally I feel him fully pushing that rock hard cock inside. Feeling it stretch open my young tight pussy, I moan in lust, as he relieved all my built-up tension. Grabbing on to my hips, he thrust his huge hard cock deeper and deeper inside, making me moan much louder. Getting more turned on knowing that my parents were right there. As he held on to me from behind with his hand wrapped in my hair giving a perfect tug, I climaxed! Finishing him off I then look up and see.. my parents.


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