Do you know what I do to submissive sissy sluts? It hilarious actually, I laugh every time I get a sissy boy caller, Poor little fuck has no idea what’s about to happen. Yeah I always start off so sweet and cute dressing them up making them look so pretty and desirable. I want you to feel all warm and cozy with me at first, its how I prey on the pathetic little cross dressers. After doing your hair and make up, and putting you in something sexy I take complete control leaving you guessing what my every move will be next. Imagine your standing there in a cute little skirt and matching top and underneath I have you in cute little matching bra’s and panties. I make you get on your knees and before you can began to wonder what I’m going to do you hear this knock on the door.

I open it and to you surprise it’s a 2 of my girlfriends, and they have brought toys with them I introduce you to them only its a girlie name I have chosen for you. The 3 of us are laughing at your pathetic ass for looking like a little sissy slut. We tell you “You want to act like a little sissy slut then we’ll treat you like one.” We pull out our strap ons and make you suck them. You hear me saying “ Get over here open your mouth, open it wider take this cock in your little cock sucking mouth.” My friend tells you “ Your not doing it right go fucking deeper whore.” Finally we have enough of you taking your time so we grab your head and start fucking your mouth with our strap on. We see tears in your eyes from all the rough throat fucking, we stop only because we have other plans for submissive sissy sluts like you. You can see just how dominant we are with sissy sluts.

Even though we raped that sissy slut mouth I’m sure you fucking liked it didn’t you? Now I want to hear you beg us to fuck your boy pussy like a good submissive sissy slut should. Get on those hands and knees, back facing us, with your ass sticking, and beg. I want you to say “ Mistress please fuck my pussy.” Keep saying it loud and clear in a begging tone. The harder you beg for our strap on the harder we’ll fuck that boy pussy. We take turns sliding it in and out of you, popping your boy pussy cherry. Now you know what I do to submissive sissy sluts. Think you can handle being my submissive sissy slut? I’ll be the judge of that.

Submissive sissy slutsKinky Kelsey