My boy toy and all his dirty sex stories..

Dirty sex stories are much more fun when they’re about all the little ways we celebrate holidays. For example.. Around Christmas, I like to wear little jingle-bell panties and entirely too much red lingerie. I love to fit into the theme and just celebrate it all by weaving it into my seduction games. I love teasing my friends-with-benefits (sometimes it’s just easier to call him my boyfriend.) He loves it all, whether I’m strutting around in stiletto heels or completely naked, with him tied up on the bed. However, even with all our taboos and little sex games, we really have to go off the charts to ring in the New Year Right.

Last year, we sneaked off to fuck in my friend’s bedroom..

But this year, our dirty sex stories are all about how I teased and edged him all night. I absolutely love bringing him to the edge for me. I love seducing his mind with the way I sit on his lap, letting his cock slide between my pussy lips.. All for the sole reason that he’s craving to slide inside, but I won’t let him. It’s my little game, and he’s eating from the palm of my hand when he falls for it every time. The best part is, I had him cuffed and tied for a good half of it. So the more he begged, the meaner I got, and he couldn’t flip the tables on me and get rough. He simply had to indulge in it, with my scent on his nose, my taste on his lips, and the lingering feeling of my pussy on his cock.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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