Dirty Sex Stories With One Of My Son’s Black Friend’s

I have always been into making my own dirty sex stories, but he was due for his own. It wasn’t the fact that he was younger. It wasn’t the fact that he was one of my son’s best friends. What really turned me on was the fact that his skin was the color of dark sugar-free chocolate. The kind of dark chocolate that leaves a nice bitter aftertaste on your tongue. I had a desire to taste him on my tongue. I didn’t care how young he was, even if he was half my age. Just wanted to kneel down before him and beg him for every last drop of his big black cock cum. Just looking at him, with his muscles, and the Bulge in his pants, made my MILF cunt wet.

I needed to taste him, and I knew it wouldn’t be hard for me to get it. You see, he only dated older white women. Which was such a very big turn-on to me. This cougar loved her Cubs, especially when they were wild and free. All I had to do was invite him over for some cake. How does that song Go, cake by the ocean? Oh, the two of us were most certainly going to be having cake somewhere. I answered the door wearing nothing but a ruby red corset, garter belts, thigh high stocking, and heels. My red thong could barely be seen as it ran up between my ass cheeks. He was practically salivating at the mouth. That was something I was more than okay with.

“He shut the door behind himself and tossed me onto the couch like I weight and nothing.”

He was all young brooding man. My son wasn’t home, nor did I care if he knew I fucked his best friend. He ate my pussy like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Then he tossed me over and stuffed his cock deep inside of my Mommy pussy. I yelled out begging for his warm load. But he said he wanted to decorate his cake. He said he wanted to cover me and his frosting. So when he was ready to blow his load I got on my knees and I tasted his dick. And it was satisfying.

Then, he covered me with his warm thick white creamy cum and groaned out loud about how he loves older white women. I came all over my fingers as I circled them between my slit. I told him he was welcome anytime, good boys are always welcome anytime.

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