Aftercare From The Hospital

Well, Tom had a lot to do to make up for my dirty sex stories trip to the ER. So he came home from the hospital with me to spend the week. He was balls deep in this sex hotline babe when he heard Frankie yell he ripped my taint. You know that skin between your cunt to your ass. I was ordered to walk slowly and get lots of bed rest. Tom knew he had to take care of me.

Sex Sent Me to the ER Embarrassing Sex StoriesGetting Home From One Of The Most Embarrassing Sex Stories I’ve Had

He got me home and got me changed into something comfier. I have to admit it was nice having him around. He got me in bed and made me breakfast. Then snuggled into the bed with me. It was amazing being wrapped up in his arms. It’s been a while since I’ve let a man get this close to me. I could tell Tom really liked me. He would rub my back, rub my legs, even my nipples at times. He knew I loved having my nipples played with.

Tom decided it was time to get me in a warm bath. He carefully got me in the tub and ran the water. Gently washing my body. Tom was taking great care of me. He got me back in the bed but this time I told him no clothes. I was feeling little frisky after feeling his hands all over me. Tom instantly went to kissing and licking my nipples. I couldn’t resist the passion to grab his cock and start pumping that rod to erection. My cunt was broken but not my hands and mouth. Tom was nursing my tits like a newborn baby and it felt great!

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I Was Ready For My Dirty Sex Stories Treat

I wanted him to know how great it felt and knew I’d be seeing his cock spurt!  Over and over I slide my homemade sex toy up and down his big python till I felt it start twitching. I knew it was almost time to catch that cum. I back off Tom from nursing. Down I went to the tip of the mushroom head. I wanted my treat! I made it just in time to swallow that huge load of his. Only to be pulled up and share it with Tom. He loved sharing his cum with me. We spent the week sharing our cum eating together. I might have been broke but I was getting plenty of action!

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Our Last Night

Tom was was amazing at keeping in bed all week so we could create lots of dirty sex stories. Towards the end of the week, I knew Tom would be off vacation. Our wonderful week would have to end. So I had planned for the last night to be special. I had arranged for Brittany to come over.  She was going to dominate us both. Brittany had arrived wearing this sexy leather black dress, knee-high boots, and fishnet stockings. I knew this would drive Tom crazy.

Within minutes she had Tom at her feet begging her to fuck him with her pink strap-on. I was on the bed being made to fuck my cunt with an 8-inch dildo. Brittany made him face me on his hands and knees a dirty sex stories step he never saw coming. Likewise, he was made to lick my tight wet cunt and lick my pussy while she took his ass. Who knew Tom knew how to be such a good little bitch? You could hear him wheeze as she slipt that slutty asshole with her strap-on. He was taking her inch by inch as I had his head down on my clit.  Tom was rock hard and In heaven! Getting his ass pounded by Brittany and licking my sweet pussy as he needed.

XOXO Brittany XOXO



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