Dirty Sex Stories: let’s get down and dirty!!

I have a lot of dirty sex stories but I do have one favorite. So dirty and so creative it turned me on so much that I want to share with you.

Originally he called me because he needed some sex therapy. He had a long hard day at work and now he was hard and long for me. What he told me was a shock to me. He said before he put his cock in my mouth he wants to pee all over me and in my mouth and I then realized what I got myself into. He said golden showers had always been his thing and I just opened wide and got ready “ahhh”. He started showering me all over my face and it really turned me on.

I never thought I’d be into it but I definitely was. He said he thought college girls  were the kinkiest and that he been with a lot of them. A lot of my friends went to college.  I invited them over while he was at my house. I told them all about his golden shower fetish and asked them if they wanted to take part in it. Surprisingly they agreed but maybe it was because they were drunk. We all stripped completely naked and got on your knees and opened our mouth’s we were waiting. They’ve never been golden showered before by a man but they were about to experience it. His cock started squirting out pee all over our faces. I think it was even mixed with cum that’s how turned on he was.

 Our pussy’s immediately got wet as were splashed with his pee and cum. We had such a fun kinky time that night. I guess it’s true college girls are the kinkiest.
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