Diaper Fetish: Let Mommy Change You!!


I love having hot Mommy phone sex. Diaper fetish is one really hot fetish actually. I love how you depend on mommy to change you. Even though I’m only 22 I can still be a mommy to you. You need to be changed, baby? If you’re a good little boy I won’t make you sit in your pee-pee I’ll change you right away. I’ve been told by someone with a diaper fetish that he only pee pee’s in his diaper to get attention… So I made him sit in it. He ended up getting a diaper rash but I fixed it right away. I took his diaper off strap by strap and spread his legs and powdered his bottom.

There’s something about making a grown baby cum in a diaper, I love it. This phone sex Mommy loves when you leave that diaper on and start rubbing yourself through the diaper, I’d never tell you to take it off. Be a good boy and explode inside of it. Fill your diaper up with a warm yummy load. I’ll change you after but I won’t be using baby wipes. Let me clean the cum right out of your diaper BUT I’d way rather use my tongue then baby wipes.

If you need a Mommy who can give you her undivided attention, I’m the one for you. Can’t wait to walk you around the mall with your diaper hanging out. You love the attention though don’t you baby? When you call me telling me about your diaper fetish I expect you to be able to wet yourself on my command. Eventually you’ll be walking around in public in just your diaper. Let me take you to a whole new level.

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