Dirty Sex Stories: A Meeting in the Woods

I have so many dirty sex stories.  We used to live near the woods and…let’s just say…there are plenty of people who could tell you just how dirty I am (teehee). Today, however, I’m the one telling the story and it was a lot of fun to make.

When I was 17, I met this really hot guy at the local store by my house.  We chatted a bit and decided we needed to spend some quality time together.  I told him about my secret spot in the woods and that he should meet me there in an hour.

I got home, put on my sexiest panties, a tank top, no bra, and cut-off jean shorts.  At the last minute, I decided to put on sneakers, too, since it was a bit of a hike to my spot.

When I got there, the hot guy was already waiting. He wasn’t alone, though. He had brought two of his friends. They were all standing there, stroking their cocks waiting for me.

With a big grin, I got down on my knees and they surrounded me.  I sucked each cock in turn and just kept going around. Soon, though, I couldn’t take it: I needed to be fucked.

I needed a cock in my pussy

I told the hot guy I wanted him in my pussy-NOW! He obliged quickly. His big cock was in my wet pussy in no time and he was pounding away at it. The man could he fuck.

I kept sucking the other two guy’s cocks while my pussy was being fucked.  When I came, so did the hot guy in my pussy.  Then they switched.  His friend wanted a turn, so he fucked me until I came again and he also came in my pussy.

The third guy wanted to finish in my mouth, so he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face until his cum was spilling down my throat.

I never did catch their names and I never saw them again. Though I suppose that’s what dirty sex stories are all about 😉

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