Teen Sex Stories Get Naughtier When the Wife Finds Out

I was a naughty teen. There are so many teen sex stories I could share with you and today I have an especially naughty one.

When I was 18, I started having sex with my neighbor and it was incredibly hot. We had a slight problem, however, he had a wife!

He was my first real lover and I learned so much from him. He taught me how to give the best head and what a good pussy eating was like.

Was that your wife?

One time, we had sneaked into my garage-we met there often as we couldn’t exactly bring each other home. He had me up on the pool table, legs spread wide and he was pounding his cock into my tight little pussy-when we heard the door open. We both froze, hoping we didn’t actually hear it.

“So this is where you have both been hiding,” a voice said. It was his wife. Fuck! “I had a feeling I would find you two together.”

She walked closer to us and we could see that she was dressed in a sexy black lace corset and thigh highs with heels. We all looked at each other, two shocked faces, one amused.

She climbed up on the pool table and sat right down on my face.  I felt him get rock hard as I ate his wife’s pussy and he started to fuck me again. He came in my pussy as his wife creamed all over my face. For a long time, it was the best sex that I had had.

And that’s how I went from fucking my married neighbor to fucking my married neighbors.


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