The priest made me pay for my naughty school girl sins.

I don’t know what I’m doing that’s so wrong.  So here I am at confession like a good little catholic school girl. I mean I know I have a lot of naughty school girl sins to confess but that’s what you’re for, isn’t it? Seriously, what is the purpose of confession anyway if you’re just going to judge me and tell me what a bad girl I am. You look so shocked that I’m telling you some of these things. Don’t you know what sort of things young girls do now? It’s all your fault anyway for telling us all to be good little catholic girls.

For one thing, it’s more fun being a naughty school girl. Well, not maybe make that definitely! Just because I like to suck cock that doesn’t make me a bad person does it? Maybe you’re sure a grouch because you’re not allowed to have anyone suck your dick. Aren’t you supposed to be like married to god or something like that? You aren’t even allowed to jerk off, are you? Wow, that must be such a sad depressing life! I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I never got to get off.

Wait what are you doing father? Why are you pulling up your robes and walking around the partition? Your cock is hard, why? Oh noo, please don’t shove that dick down the back of my throat. You’re choking me, my eyes are even watering and everything! Please stop it, you’re scaring me. I promise father, I won’t make fun of you anymore and I’ll stop being such a naughty school girl. I’ll even start reading the bible and everything.

Can you just spank me instead?

Look, I’ll even climb onto your lap and put my pretty round ass up in the air for a hard bare bottom spanking. Bring that big strong hand down across my bare ass and punish me for being such a naughty little girl. Meanwhile, you’re making my little butt cheeks sting! Ouchie. Was that the wrong thing to say? Why are you spreading my ass and putting your hard dick against it? Please don’t fuck me and make me take it. It’s gonna hurt and I’ve never taken anything in there before. By the time you finish with me, I can barely walk and tears are streaming down my face. Why did you have to punish me in such a mean way?

So, whatever happened to saying a bunch of hail marys? Maybe I should find a different priest to confess to next time. I can feel your hot sticky cum dripping down the inside of my tight young thighs. There’s so much of it, it feels like you haven’t cum in a really long time. Are you sure that the bible and god really want you to teach me not to be a naughty slut by fucking me? I think you’re really a dirty old pervert that just pretends to be a holy man so you can take advantage of hot young girls like me.

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