Daddy gave me a bare bottom spanking!

I so wasn’t expecting the bare bottom spanking that you gave me daddy.  I walked through the door where you were waiting for me.  Well, I don’t know how you found out about my report card.  I wanted to keep it a secret.  If I could have managed to get you in a good mood first it would have been way better. Do you really have to punish me? If you give me a chance I promise I’ll bring my grades back up. I’m gonna go to my room and study now like a good girl.

I guess my please wasn’t too convincing though, cause when I went to walk away you grabbed me by the arm and yanked me back. Before I even knew what was happening, you had my skirt pulled up around my waist and my panties down to my ankles. Suddenly, I was spread across your lap and I was getting a bare bottom spanking! My little butt cheeks were bouncing and stinging under your big hand. It felt like they were on fire! The more you spank me, the more I can’t help but wriggle and squirm.

While I’m wriggling around on your lap a funny thing happens though. I can feel a hard bulge starting to pop up under me. Oh my gosh, daddy, is it turning you on to spank my naked little bottom and see and feel it under your hands? Ooh, it is isn’t it? That’s when I start wriggling around even more and letting out little moans while I grind against you. That bulge feels pretty good daddy and it’s straining awfully hard against your slacks. Maybe I should help you take it out before your pants rip daddy!

Feel my soft little hand slide your zipper down.

Ooh daddy, you’ve got such a big yummy cock. My bald little cunny is starting to drip with excitement. Getting spanked is turning me on as much as it’s turning you on daddy. I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t resist wrapping my pouty pink lips around your rock hard dick. Don’t I look just adorable with my pretty little face bobbing up and down on your cock? All that pre-cum dripping onto my tongue is making me want to feel you inside me, daddy.

I’m such a good little cock sucker that you just had to slide your big daddy dick deep inside my tight little pussy and fuck me good! Maybe if you fuck me hard enough and deep enough you’ll teach me a lesson about getting bad grades. Or on second thought, maybe you won’t. This kind of ended up being more of a reward than a punishment didn’t it? I think you might have created a monster daddy! I wonder how many other ways of getting in trouble I can think of? Maybe some tease and denial till you have blue balls *giggles*. Anything to get another spanking from you and feel those big strong daddy hands all over my naked young body.

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