I am a slut and proud of it. The skills I have are like no other sexy teens. Getting out experiencing naughty fun with people is what of my favorite pastimes. My parents started teaching me from a very young age about sex and how fun it is. Therefore, it is no surprise that the guy next door is having me over to show me something. Looks like we are having some dirty neighbor playtime.

He is sexy too. Tall, fit and from what I am hearing, packing a nice big dick. One thing about me is the fact that I am a size queen. Above all, this sexy teen whore is all about playing with huge cocks. The bigger, the better. Hearing that he has a huge pecker makes me all the more curious about this afternoon. Of course, I know he is going to whip it out for me and I am ready to play.

With him living next door, this gal is getting lots of dirty neighbor playtime.

If this goes well today, we are going to have a long and happy sex life. I am currently having sex with many others. Furthermore, that is the fun of being a slut. Sharing this sexy teen pussy with whomever I want, whenever I want. Everyone is a viable partner, well only if they have a fantastic cock. Oh, or tight pussy. I am open to both men and women, loving all we do together.

Then, I love sharing all the dirty details with my hot teen phone sex. Do you enjoy hearing about other’s experiences? If so, mine is going to rock your world. Some of these stories are so naughty they can’t even be put down in writing. Those are the stories you want to hear. I guarantee they are the ones getting your cock rock-hard. Finally, the fun we are having will bring you a huge climax.

Be honest, you are loving this, aren’t you?

All you have to do is call and we are going over all the fun. Okay, so, back to this naughty neighbor. As I am heading over to the neighbor’s house, a few of my sex partners are driving by and shouting out hellos. I am a popular teen slut. One of my favorite things is being a Young Domination Goddess. It is intoxicating being in charge of grown men and their peckers.

My neighbor is thinking he is going to rule this young hottie but he is in for a big surprise. Before I am even knocking, he is opening the door. Anxious much for this sexy girl? He is telling me some story about his wife leaving town for the holidays and I am just ready to see his dick. Bring on the dirty neighbor playtime bitch!

I step into his space, leaning in to kiss him.

He is smiling and asking how I knew what he wants. Winking, I explain it isn’t a secret I am a teen slut. We both giggle as he is taking hand and leading me upstairs to the bedroom. In the hallway are lots of their family pictures. I go to school with his kids and have fucked both of them plenty of times. I am surprised it has taken him this long to hit on me.

When we walk into the bedroom, I ask him if he wants the dominant or submissive little whore today. He is nervous but quickly tells me he wants to be dominated today. Oh, goodie, I love ruling over men. Get down on your knees bitch. Now, it is time to worship this badass goddess! Start by undressing me slowly. As you are taking off my shoes, I want you to massage my feet.

It is your job to make me feel like your whole world.

As you are taking off my clothes, I want you to enjoy every part of my body. Furthermore, using your hands and your mouth, caress every inch of me. You better do a good job or I will be making your wait on your first orgasm. I am expecting you to make this dirty neighbor playtime amazing. Go on, Bitch, get to work on me.


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