So, Are You A Dirty Naughty Boy?  

Are there many, or at least one dirty naughty boy in your life?  I’m sure if you think hard enough there is at least a memory of one that has been hidden in your underconscious for a long time.  There is one guy in my life that comes to mind when I think about the ultimate bad boy.

This bad boy was dirty all over.  Conner loved to cheat and fuck with as many girls as possible.  He was a complete and utter man-slut, beyond belief.  Well, Conner didn’t limit his romps to the hot girls where he studied.  He took his lusty self to all the hot mommies.

So, I’m sure you know all about the naughty cheating wife, Well this guy took it a step above to get into as many of their pants as possible.  The girls especially loved it.  All the hot mommies in my neighborhood growing up often had this guy over to their house for an afternoon visit as they loved to call it.

So he didn’t care about keeping his affairs under wraps.

No this dirty naughty boy didn’t care about keeping anything a secret.  He had no poise, no grace.  I would often hear about him bragging about his latest conquest.  I remember telling my mother about what he was doing.  Now, just for the record, my mother was a slut in her time as well.  She was not exactly the Miss Innocent of the neighborhood.

Oh, yes, my luscious mommy had quite a number of guys in her time.  The handyman, the financial adviser, a politician, a police officer which I will tell you about in my next story.

Thus came the day my mother and I would help get even with him and have fun too!

This had to stop sooner or later.  For now, we plotted for him to come over to the house.  The chance would soon present itself in a big way.  So the next day, I approached Conner at school.  I told him that my mother was looking for a guy to do some handy work around the house.

Conner’s interest perked up as well as his dick when I told him who he would be contacting for the job.  He had to my knowledge never been with my mother.  I’m sure he was only thinking about the conquest he would soon he would be bragging about later on.

Hey, it’s not the conquests that got under my skin.  It was the fact this guy would treat every woman like they were his one and only.  Girls don’t like that.  If it’s a pure fuck then say so.  If it’s something more, then be honest.  Don’t ever lead a woman on a string.

Well, the day came when Conner came over to the house.

He knocked on the door, and his mouth dropped open when he saw how my mother was dressed.  She was dressed in red lingerie with stockings and heels.  Well the perve in him got hard immediately.

They talked briefly and she led him into the bedroom stating she needed something fixed in there.  Now, Conner had no idea that I had set up a camera in the bedroom to catch every naughty moment.

My mother is not a time waster.  She immediately stepped over to Conner and kissed him.  He protested for a moment.  This was so different.  He had never been the one to take the advances.  Conner was used to instigating all of the moves.

Under the sheets, they went.

So it didn’t take long and she had Conner under the sheets.  She told Conner if he wanted the job that he would show her his oral skills.  He gladly dove under the blankets and found that wet pussy.

She pulled them aside to show the camera how wet she was.  He tongued and licked her sweet mommy pussy.  Conner could not believe his luck.  After she exploded all over his face, she demanded that he get on his hands and knees and put his head on the pillow.

I came into the room with my strap on.  Coming up behind him I poured some lube on his ass and proceeded to force my dildo into his ass.  He screamed and tried to struggle.

Next, my mother stepped up to him and filled his mouth with her strap-on.  This dirty naughty boy was our slut for the afternoon.  A lot of other dirty things happened.

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