It’s time for you to be a good little slutty sissy bitch!

What are you doing creeping around outside my window in the middle of the night slutty sissy bitch? Oh my god, you found out that I’ve been sneaking my boyfriend in here at night, haven’t you? Eww, are you the peeping tom that everyone’s been warning me about? Yuck! What kind of a pervert are you anyway? Of course, your pants are unzipped! Please tell me that you weren’t doing what it looks like? I’m going to get my parents in here, you’re going to be in so much trouble for this!

I’m sure the cops will have fun finally getting the neighborhood peeping tom behind bars. You don’t seriously think I’m going to invite you in to talk about this, do you? There’s nothing to talk about, you’re a total creeper. What can you possibly do for me that will convince me not to tell on you? Although…it could be fun to turn you into a slutty sissy bitch. You’re such a dirty perv I’m sure it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for you at all, would it? Are you really going to do everything that I tell you to?

Instead of just standing there, hurry up and climb in the window. If my parents come in I’m going to start screaming! First things first, strip down. Don’t worry I really don’t want to see your gross naked body. By the way, stop pretending to be a man, you aren’t a real one. Besides, it’s time to start your slutty sissy bitch transformation. You don’t have a bulge worth mentioning so I’m sure you can squeeze into my big sister’s clothes. She’s away at college now but she left some things behind.

There’s definitely no way you can fit in my tiny little clothes.

I wouldn’t want you touching my stuff anyway. You’re so gross, I would have to burn it after. Now, put these frilly pink panties on and here’s a matching bra. I think she has some bra inserts here too. Slide those in so the bra will fit better and you’ll look even more like a slutty sissy bitch. Hmm, let’s see. Now you need some makeup. You need some red cock sucking lipstick. You’re going to put that mouth to work tonight so you better make a good show of it! Here’s some blush and some fake eyelashes too. Slip those heels on and let me see your best hooker walk.

Now you look like a streetwalker. Let’s see if you can actually act like one too. Shake your ass and bend over and grab your ankles. Oh my god, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks! I’m snapping some pics to send to my friends. They’re going to get a good laugh over this too. Good luck ever walking down the street and holding your head high again! Pretty soon all the hot young girls in town are going to know what a great big slutty sissy bitch you are!

Now that I have my big nine-inch strap on around my tiny little waist, it’s time for you to get to work slut! Drop down to your knees and let me see you smear that cock sucking red lipstick. Don’t forget to use your tongue, and work those big rubber balls too while you’re down there. Pretend this is a real cock between my thighs. Don’t pretend you haven’t been dreaming of having a mouth full of cock. This is the real reason you’ve been peeping on me.

You like watching my boyfriend pull his big thick cock out.

Your mouth waters when you see it, doesn’t it? Now is your chance to make your wet dreams cum true. Relax the back of your throat and suck it down balls deep sissy panty boy. That’s right smear that red lipstick all over that shaft. Get it all lubed up, believe me, you’re going to need that lube in a few minutes, slutty sissy bitch. Bend over and grab those ankles while I pull your panties to the side. Feel all nine inches thrust deep inside of you with one long, hard stroke. You’re being punished so I’m not going to take it easy on you. Feel me pound your sissy ass until you’re sore and gaping open wide. Eww, you just made a big sticky mess in your panties didn’t you slut?

Call me when you’re craving sissy age play phone sex.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke