You’re such a pathetic little sissy panty boy!

Did you really think I wouldn’t figure out what a sissy panty boy you are? Someone has been stealing my panties out of the dirty clothes hamper for the last few weeks. Open the door and let me in. Unless you want the whole neighborhood to hear all about what a big pervert you are? It doesn’t make a difference to me, it’s your reputation at stake here, not mine. Admit that you’ve been the one sneaking into my room and stealing my panties. Don’t deny it, I have proof and I even brought it with me.

Where’s your DVD player? Let’s go into the room with the really big screen TV. That way we can really enjoy the show. Come and see the proof I have that you’re a big huge sissy panty boy! Look at that, no don’t look away. You recognize what’s on the TV already don’t you? Now you’re in my room! What are you doing in there? Wow, you’re reaching into my laundry hamper and pulling out my dirty panties. Now we can both see what a dirty perv you are! Why are you sliding your zipper down?

Should I stop the video now? Have you seen enough? Are you still going to deny that you’re a sissy panty boy? I could send a copy of this to your wife and to my parents if you want? I can see it now, you would totally get arrested and get your ass beat for being such a perv. I’m so young after all, no one will think what you’ve been doing is ok. Because of that- I’ve got you right where I want you, don’t I? You have to do everything that I say.

The whole neighborhood will find out your dirty little secret if you don’t!

First of all, take off all of your clothes. It’s time to test out my theory. You’re not just perving over the thought of my hot body in those pretty panties. You’re a total sissy panty boy, aren’t you? There’s one way to find out! Now that you’re completely naked, slip into these silky purple bikini panties. It’s time for my little experiment. If you’re just a pervert it’ll be pretty obvious. Hmm, just like I suspected, you’re rock hard the second you slip those panties on. The feel of the material is driving you crazy!

There’s more to it than that though, isn’t there? Admit it, you’re imagining that you have a pussy of your own. It’s so obvious in the way you’re sticking your ass out more and wriggling your hips, walking over to the mirror. Go ahead, turn around slowly and bend over to grab your toes. Check yourself out, I know you’re dying to! Because of the way you’re wriggling your ass, it’s time to up your punishment. You’re going to be taught a good lesson for being such a perv! Look at what I brought with me.

Drop down to your knees in front of me and slid my skirt up around my waist. It’s time to let that inner sissy panty boy out to play! Your eyes are so huge, checking out the cute pink strap-on bouncing between my teen cock tease thighs. It’s time for you to put your mouth to use. You better get it nice and wet, you’re gonna need the lube soon. Open nice and wide and show me what a good cock-sucking sissy bitch you are. Work that tongue up and down the sides while you gag on it.

Make those eyes water while you choke on my strap-on!

Now that it’s all lubed up assume the position sissy panty boy. Because now you’re going to take it so spread those thighs! Pop some pillows behind your head so you can watch every second of it. Next, I slide your panties to the side to expose that puckered asshole. Because now, it’s sliding all the way inside of you. Take every inch of it and let me hear you pant and moan, beg for more! You’re dripping pre-cum into those panties so just keep them. I don’t want them back after you’re making such a big mess in them. I’m not worried though, I know you’re taking me shopping to keep my lips sealed. Make a big mess in these panties so you can lick it all up like a good cum hungry slut!

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