The best part of my relationship with my ex boyfriend Tim was meeting his dirty little sister, Lexi.  She was 17 years old and had the biggest attitude, especially toward Tim.

Sometimes, Tim and I would be sitting under a blanket watching TV in the living room and she would barge in on us, turn on the light and plop down on the armchair and start to flip the channels around.  This pissed us off because usually we were fondling each other under the blanket and were working towards a good orgasm together.  He would yell at Lexi to get the fuck out and after a bit of name calling, she would stand up, flash her panties at us and leave the room in a huff.  I wasn’t too mad to notice how perfect her ass was.  I kept hoping Tim could rile her up enough to flash us again.

She enjoyed being gross and annoying in our presence.  She would burp or fart loudly while we were trying to watch a movie.  Sometimes she would scratch her pussy or her jam her fingers in her ass and then ask us if we wanted to sniff her hand.  Other times she would sabotage Tim’s food, like picking up his spoon and shoving it down her panties before returning it to his plate or grabbing his pizza slice and licking it.  Tim was usually very upset after our run-ins with Lexi but I found her strangely fascinating and even kind of sexy.

One night, after Tim and I spent the evening fucking in his room, I heard Lexi come home.  She loudly banged the front door and when she got to her bedroom, which was right down the hall from Tim’s, I heard her put some music on.  I hesitated a few minutes before I got quietly out of bed, leaving Tim snoring and sleeping deeply in bed.

Pretending I was just heading to the bathroom, I paused at Lexi’s doorway.  Her door was halfway open and I saw that she was sitting Indian style on her bed, in her panties and bra, texting on her phone.  She didn’t notice me right away but then looked up at me.

“What’s up?” she said absently, going back to her texting.

“Not much…” I leaned against her door frame now and looked casually around her room.

“Done fucking my stupid ape of a brother for the night?”  she asked, still texting.

“No… Yeah, I guess.”

Lexi laughed loudly and set her phone down on her bed.  “Yeah, sounds like you’re real excited about that.  I know he has a tiny dick.  I’ve seen it.  You don’t have to lie.”

I shook my head and laughed.  “Yeah, it’s true.  He’s not the biggest cock I’ve ever had, that’s for sure.”

“It wouldn’t shock me if he’s the smallest dick you’ll ever have in your life!”  Lexi said, a wicked smile on her face.  “What do you even see in him?  He’s an asshole, he’s ugly and as we have already figured out – he sucks in bed.”

I looked up at the ceiling as if I was pondering deeply.  “Uh…. he always has the best pot.”  We laughed together.

“Are you kidding me?  His weed is fucking disgusting!  I wouldn’t give that to a dog.  If you want really sweet buds, I can get you some.  Way better stuff than his, I mean it.”

“Do you have any now?”  I asked.

“What the fuck do YOU think?”  she opened her drawer and took out a bag of weed and held it up for me to see.  “I bet I can even make you cum better than he can.” she said abruptly.

I laughed, thinking she was just being funny.

“What are you laughing about? It’s true, dumb ass.”  she walked over to me.  “Does he make you cum or do you have to rub that clit  yourself if you want any action?”

I blushed and looked away.  “No, he’s fine.  I mean, he does make me cum.”

“Right.  How?” she stood with her hands on her hips and looked up at me, a sneer on her pretty face.

“When he… when he eats my pussy.”  I said.

“Well, good for him.  I’m sure I can do it better, though.”

“Oh yeah?” It was all I could think of to say.  She snorted and rolled her eyes.

“So do you want to have your pussy eaten properly for once or what?” she said, in an almost comically exasperated tone.

“What? Now?”  I said in disbelief.

“No, on Christmas!  Yeah, NOW.”  She grabbed my hand, mumbling about lame ass bitches and plopped me down on her bed.  There was no way I was going to fight this, not after months of fantasizing about her ass and how wet her pussy must be.

She yanked my pajama bottoms off of me and seeing that I wasn’t wearing any panties, she smiled at me and pushed my legs back so that my knees were close to my head.  She was so right, she ate my pussy better than anyone ever had before.  She licked and swirled her tongue, pushing it inside my wet hole and then she would slurp up my juices.  She slowly pushed her finger inside my ass and when it was all the way inside me, she started to make hooking motions deep in my ass until I couldn’t take any more.  I grabbed her hair with both hands and let loose the biggest orgasm of my life.  I shuddered and grinded my pussy against her face until the sensation subsided and then I lay back, completely satiated.

“Told you.”  she said, presumptuously.

Needless to say, from that night on, I spent most of my time visiting Lexi instead of Tim.  It caused a bit of a strain in my relationship with him but I really didn’t care any more.  Lexi did much more to satisfy me then he ever could.   Months after Tim and I broke up, I was still going to his house, straight into Lexi’s bedroom where she violated me in the sweetest and most erotic ways.

I still think about my dirty little girl who ate pussy like a champ!


Steamy Sabrina


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