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A family man can have many needs a wife can not satisfy. For example a young pussy. A dirty Daddy loves a sweet tight plaything but of course, it’ll cost him. I know the Daddy at my newest babysitting gig was filthy and it would only take time for me to have him eating off the palm of my hand. Short little dresses, bending over at the appropriate times, and lots of eye contact is what works for every man, and this Dirty Daddy wasn’t the exception.

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After I put everyone to sleep I patiently waited in the living room. I was waiting for that dirty daddy to come home and walk me back to my place. His wife was away on a girl’s weekend which was something she seemed to do kind of often…this was going to be the weekend her dirty daddy of a husband was going to become mine.

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When he arrived I pulled my dress a bit higher. That always made him nervous. He would try so hard not to look and that in itself made my clit throb.  Before I left he said he had to ask me a question, and that was it. He asked what kind of panties I was wearing. I giggled and blew him off, telling him that I kind of needed to get home. He asked again, and this time asked how much it would be to have my panties.

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I felt a rush when I pulled my panties down and gave them to him. Easiest money I ever made. He asked for more, though. The next thing I know he is handing me more cash and I am sitting on his couch with my legs spread open showing him my pretty pussy. He looked mesmerized by my young pussy. When it was time for me to leave, he stopped me, eagerly put his hand up my dress, and felt my young pussy lips bulging through my panties. He whispered he want to feel my bare lips and put a finger inside.  I pulled his hand away, looked into his eyes, and confidently whispered how much money it’s going to cost.

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