Sirena’s Dirty Cream Pie Recipe

XXX cooking is no joke, especially on the holidays.  One wrong ingredient and you’re fucking your hand during special times.  Don’t be a lonely loser, but an alpha stud when you make the perfect dirty cream pie this Thanksgiving.  It will be more than she can handle, but she will cum back for seconds.

It’s easy to get pushed to the side during the holidays if you don’t step up your game.  I am sure you would rather be balls deep in your bad bitch instead of having a budding romance with tissue and lotion.  If yes, read on!


  • Liquor Of Choice
  • Movie (Opt)
  • Lube
  • Fresh Stiff Dick

XXX Cooking Directions

You never cook pie without heating the oven, dude.  Not even a dirty cream pie!  So quit your lazy yammering and set the mood.  Do you want pussy?  You have to make time for pussy!  XXX Cooking is a filthy commitment, and you better be ready for a bit of extra work.  Otherwise, she might fuck herself better tonight.

Fill one glass with the preferred drink.  Think of it as a glaze for that delectable twat.  It will give off the aroma of hot bitch you’ve been craving since the start of Autumn.  Don’t lie; you’ve been dying to sink your dick into something warm these chilly days.

Fill another glass if she desires and have her pick out a steamy movie.  The oven is now preheated, and we need to prep that pussy for a load of heavy dick whipping cream.  This is the boring part, but a watched pot never boils.  Slowly caress her throughout the show and scoot closer.  You want to be touching because gentle touch will melt that pussy right down.

XXX Cooking is the only way to have such a juicy treat, so be sure you are following directions!  No one likes dry pussy to hold their load.  Dry turkey is bad, dry pie is awful, but dry pussy is a sin.

Mouthwatering Pussy Snack

By now, you should be leaning in and kissing her neck.  You will know if she is ready for the filling if she is leaning into you.  Bring her craving pussy to a full boil by being tender and attentive, but never seem too desperate.  You don’t want to pull her out too early and cause disaster. So make her want it by showing that you have restraint.  Even if you really don’t. It will bring her to full rise and give you the best sexy treat.

When she starts pawing back at you, then start taking off her clothes.   This is a dirty cream pie, not a soufflé.  Do not let her rise too much in her pants.  You need to leave room for your special ingredient.

Oil that cunt with premium lube and baste it like a turkey dinner!  You want that pussy wetter than you’ve ever seen it before.  Don’t be shy and rub that bitch in.  It’s important so that the nozzle doesn’t stick on its way in.  There can never be a dry or mess-less moment in xxx cooking.  Dump half the bottle on there if you must; just get it slick.

That’s when it is time to work your magic.  Get pumping her full of a creamy and deep load.  The fuller the cream pie, the better.  Don’t stop until you use every drop of cream.

Now that dirty cream pie should be all ready to eat.  Go and taste it for yourself!  Be sure to contact me to let me know how it turned and for some cum eating phone sex.

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