The brothers next door are always hitting on me. They are young, dumb and full of cum. As a hot GILF slut, I had to tap those sexy boys. Of course, I should have known that little fuckers like them are not good at keeping secrets. , I got a letter from them that they want sex every day or they are telling everyone what we did. They are using a dirty blackmail scheme to get more sex out of me.

I am all about enjoying some younger playthings but if it isn’t family and they are packing, I usually fuck them and move on. These boys are nothing special in the pecker world. Both of them are unable to hold their loads for very long and they have no skills. Now that they are using a dirty blackmail scheme on me, I am teaching them how to fuck better.

This is the risk of being a naughty whore, any asshole can come up with a dirty blackmail scheme.

One of my favorite things about GILF phone sex is sharing my incredible sexual exploits with my callers. Some things are not appropriate for blogging and those NO LIMITS experiences, all you have to do is call me to find out the nasty details. My naughty life is amazing and sharing that with my callers is great! You know your curiosity is killing you right now. Time to call, darlin’!

Okay, back to the little fuckers next door. I am meeting with them to discuss a plan this afternoon. I am not looking forward to trying to reason with these idiots. It is looking like I am going to be stuck with them for a lot longer. Therefore, showing them how to better fuck a woman is imperative. Above all, training them to last longer so that I am getting mine too is important.

This fine ass requires quality sexual activity, even from little assholes.

Of course, I am unable to fix their inadequate dicks. My goal is teaching them how to eat pussy well. That way, I am always getting mine too. To be honest, neither of them are very smart either. They are both are physically active and getting built like pro athletes, very sexy. That is what lured me into this predicament in the first place. I am a sucker for a fine ass man or boy, leading to a dirty blackmail scheme.

In reality, it isn’t the end of the world for me. They are going to be experts with fucking after my training. That means, hot sex right next door, every day. My pussy is doing a happy dance just thinking about it. These dumbasses think they are getting one over me.  I am using them until I am done with them. When I am done, I will find a creative way to be rid of them.

I am a mother fucking badass bitch, you are capable of beating me, boys!

Part of this fun is letting them think they are smarter and ahead of me in the game. Not hard accomplishing this with them. Just thinking about this little game is making me laugh out loud. As a Hot Mature Accomplice, I am very creative and crafty. When someone is requesting my accomplice help, it is necessary for covering all the bases to keep everyone safe and protected.

For that reason, my skills are outstanding and way more advanced than these two young whippersnappers. The fun is using my skills at out gaming them at every turn. Giving me all the advantages. Okay, I am heading over to meet them while their parents are out shopping. As I am walking across the yard, I see them peeking through the curtains. Their little cocks are getting rock hard right now.

Once I am inside we start discussions.

I am letting them take lead and agreeable to their terms. It is so cute seeing them looking so smug and believing they are outsmarting me. The only term I am requiring in our deal is them letting me teach them sexual skills. Both are agreeable and excited to start their training. Moving to my house, I start their training and proceed in draining their cocks of cum.

Now, there are so many more details, but to hear them you have to call me. Up for some naughty age-play fun? Good!

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