She is sexy and you know it. Yes, she is young and in the world’s eyes, off-limits. The world does not understand all the time. I grew up with a family-play lifestyle. Our entire clan played together. From an early age, my grandpa and I had lots of naughty games. When it came time to have my family, my husband and I decided to do the same. Now, I am a hot mature accomplice for my friends.

Sharing my family with others that don’t always have access to the kind of world I live in is giving me pleasure. Seeing my friends enjoy my family and have intense climaxes like never before is fucking hot! Being a hot mature accomplice is allowing me to share my world bringing pleasure to so many others, including my own family. Furthermore, my family loves to be naughty and with others makes it even more fun.

I am considered a pervert as a hot mature accomplice.

Fine with me. Society is all about judging others and they can fuck off as far as I am concerned. Our family does family-play with love and care. It is all being done with consent, we are forcing no one. Above all, everyone is having fun and doing what they want to do. Our family-play is like no other.

That is what is making me so happy. All my family is doing it this way. That is why we are growing up happy and healthy. Living life to the fullest every day! When I host any event, I am always asking the kids if they want to come and play. None of them are obligated to say yes and they all are happy to come for the fun. I love them so much.

Our play events are small and intimate.

One thing I am learning as a hot mature accomplice is I have more control over the event if it is smaller and less congested. My family is never in harm’s way and I am making sure they are having fun all night long. Doesn’t matter whether it is my adult kids or younger grandkids, everyone is safe at all times. My friends know it is a kinder event with no harsh play.

Sometimes, I enjoy a bit of rough play but it is with everyone’s permission. I am all about taboo play. Helping others in getting what they need is fun. Even if it is on the taboo scales. Now, that usually doesn’t include my family though. Once in a while, if they ask for it, we have some rough play at our events. Only when one of my family is asking for it though and yes they do sometimes.

Just like me, they are about enjoying themselves, even in rough play.

My granddaughter loves the fun of rape play. She asked about it, did some research and came back to me asking to do that. For her, it is the intensity of the play. Being held down while a grown man forces himself on her. Then as she starts to enjoy the naughty play and penetration, cumming very quickly and very hard giving her the biggest thrill.

I have friends that get off on choking during sex. I get it, it can be very fun. My granddaughter has that extremely naughty side just like her granny, loving her sex intense. I have always been that way too. As a hot mature accomplice, I am experiencing all levels of intensity with sex and the naughty fun it brings.

My guests get the same fun and everyone is open to taboo fun if they want it.

I am a Cum Slut Granny for sure. No scenario is too much for me. When it comes to my family, most are the same as me in that way. The more sex, the better. The naughtier the fun, the better! As a kid, I was always into something nasty and dirty. Finding the best sex friends in the county to play with was my goal. It is still the same today, I just get to include my own family in the fun.

Look if you are into incest, age-play, and family-play you should call me to learn more. I promise we will have so much fun on our GILF phone sex calls!

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