Dirty Ass Sniffer

I thought of him as I worked out every day.  The sweatier I got, the more I thought about his face in my juicy ass, sniffing and licking like a hungry dog.  He was my dirty little ass sniffer and he was always  ready to lick my ass clean after a hard day in the gym.  I knew he drooled waiting for me to get home.   He fantasized about the way my ass would smell and taste.

I would call on my way home and let him know I was on my way.  He waited for me anxiously to walk through the door.  With his first look in my eyes, he would drop to his knees and crawl to me.  I would giggle as he rubbed his face on the ass of my tight yoga pants.  He would continue to craw as I led him to the bedroom.  I instructed him to take off my pants and kiss my soft ass cheeks.  His groans grew louder as his cock got harder.  I reached behind myself, ran my fingers through his hair, and held his face against my asshole.  He inhaled deeply, as he bit at my thong.

 He loved to suck the sweat off my thong before removing them as well.

With my thong to my knees, I bend forward, further exposing my tight asshole.  I loved the feeling of his pointy tongue penetrating  all my holes, but my asshole was both our favorite.  My pussy juice would flow down his chin I ground my ass into his mouth.  His moans vibrated through my skin making my pussy lips and clit tingle.  I felt the rush of my cum as I fucked his face for all it was worth.  He was such a good fucking ass cleaner.  He was such a good little pet…  Could you be my new dirty ass sniffer?

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