Dirty Animalistic Outdoor Sex? Yes, please!

My friend throws the best Halloween parties! Everyone has to wear a costume and the sexier the better, of course. Naturally, these parties usually end with an orgy, public sex, or in my case, dirty animalistic outdoor sex.  

I went as a Sexy Little Red Riding Hood. I wore a dark red corset that pushed up my huge tits so much they spilled out, my nipples almost visible. My tiny red skirt only covered half my ass and underneath I wore a white thong so my ass cheeks were on full display. White thigh-high stockings with little red bows on the back added a bit of innocence to the costume. While the 6-inch black stilettos gave the, ‘I’m a Slut, Ready to Fuck’ vibe. 

All Eyes on Me

There were lots of sexy girls at the party, but my barely-there outfit really took the cake. Everyone starred just like I knew they would. As I chatted with friends while sipping on a cocktail, I noticed a guy dressed as a Wolf standing in a far corner staring at me. The costume was pretty amazing with great detail. His hands were even covered in fur and he had claws too. His clothes were slightly torn and tattered and his pants were snug, I could see a silhouette of a massive cock underneath. 

I gave him a flirty wave but he simply stood there and continued to stare. It was a little creepy getting no reaction, honestly. But, the sight of that huge cock had me hooked and my pussy tingling. When I needed another drink, I went alone to the bar hoping he would follow. He did but still stayed away and just watched me. I was being stalked! He wanted me to be his prey. 

I sipped my drink at the bar and flirted with the bartender. There’s nothing like a little jealously to bring out the animalistic desires in someone. 

Once I finished my drink, I made my way outside to the wooded area behind the house. It was time to execute this massive cock seduction. After all, my phone sex skills make seduction second-nature. No one can resist me. 

Into the Woods, We Go… for Animalistic Outdoor Sex

I made my way into the foggy woods and hid behind a tree, sure that he would come for me. I waited, looking back towards the house but I didn’t see him following. Feeling foolish, I turned to head back but the Wolf stood there panting, his vicious fangs so close, his claws at the ready, and his cock growing ever so massive. 

I couldn’t help it, I let out a high pitched scream and ran deeper into the dark woods. But, he was right on my heels and quickly pounced on me. I slid into the cold wet ground. As I fell, my huge tits bounced fully out of my corset. The Wolf forcefully flipped me over and held my arms up and over my head. He growled as he sucked hard and hungrily on my nipples, even biting at my big tits and my neck. His massive cock pressed against my pussy and I wanted to feel it inside me so bad. 

Into the Darkness

Suddenly, he flipped me over once again this time on all fours. He ripped off my corset and skirt, clawing my back as he did. Now, I was only in my little white thong, my thigh-high stockings, and stiletto heels. He hurriedly slid down my thong halfway down my thighs just enough to get it out of his way. Then, he pushed down on my back and I felt the heat of his cock head find my sweet wet opening. His massive cock broke into my tight pussy and entered me with extreme animalistic force. We moaned, groaned wildly throughout our animalistic outdoor sex. It seemed to last for hours but at last, we shared a mind-blowing orgasm. 

Then without a word, the Wolf got up and walked deeper into the woods… disappearing into the darkness. 

Do you want to be my Wolf? Let’s have dirty animalistic outdoor sex right now!

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