My childhood friend Alexa, is a lesbian. She’s not a butch or stud lesbian she’s a “lip stick” lesbian. Very girly girl. And she’s fucking gorgeous. Tall, red head, D cup tits, long smooth legs. I mean the WORKS! Well her partner, Miranda, is a lip sitck lesbian too! And she’s just as hot as my friend. Miranda has dark hair like me, with huge tits, a plump ass and juicy lips. If I were a man I would definitely have a hard on whenever I’m around them.

Alexa, invited me to one of their weekend dinner parties. There was wine, music, food and a few other people at their house. The conversation was boring as fuck but I just got a kick out of watching Alexa and Miranda casually and sensually touch each other as the night went on. Their chemistry is off the charts. I have to admit that I did stroke my pussy a few times while watching those two chit chat with guests. When everyone started to leave, Alexa and Miranda asked if I could stay for a bit to help them clean up. Miranda poured more wine and I started to clean but, as I tided up I could feel eyes watching me.

When I turned around Miranda and Alexa were on the sofa. Miranda had Alexa’s tit in her mouth and Alexa was smiling and staring at me. She asked me if I wanted a taste. I didn’t even answer. It only took a second for me to make it over to the sofa. I latched on to Alexa’s other tit. Miranda started to rub my arm. My tits. My thighs. Up my skirt. When she pulled my panties to the side I lost it. Alexa told Miranda to have her with me. Her two fingers forced their way between my pussy lips. The sound of my wet, juicy pussy sucking on Miranda’s two inserted fingers filled the room. Alexa opened her legs inviting Miranda to eat her pussy. Her clit was engorged and Miranda nibbled on it while she finger fucked me at the same time.

This was a fucking dream cum true! Two of the hottest girls that I knew was having a fuck fest with me in their living. I must have done SOMETHING GOOD IN MY PAST LIFE! But there was a secret that was about to be revealed. After Alexa came in Miranda’s mouth, Alexa said something that baffled me. In between tongue kissing her lover, Alexa said, “Go ahead baby show Carmen our BIG secret. Miranda stood up, pulled down her skirt and reached into her panties. OMG! I DIDN’T KNOW SHE HAD A DICK! WTF! They both laughed at the look on my face when that huge cock plopped out of her panties and landed on her thigh. It was magnificent! Miranda was a Tranny girl, and I had no idea, even after knowing her for so long! Before I could say anything Miranda was shoving her dick down my throat.

I was gagging and choking on her long cock. Alexa pulled out a dildo and started fucking herself with it. It was clear that she wanted to be an audience member to the Carmen and Miranda show. I grabbed that bitches ass and deep throated her dick like a real slut! Tears were coming from my eyes as I gagged and swallowed her entire dick and balls. She was so beautiful standing over me. She made me get on all fours and spread my legs. As she penetrated my pussy my entire body started to quiver. Her dick was so large that it was hitting every sensitive nerve attached to my clit. My eyes rolled in the back of head. Miranda’s tranny cock was was the answer to my prayers. She was beautiful and had a cock out of this world, what more could I ask for?

Just as I finished that thought, Alexa was putting on her strap on. She told Miranda to get on her back and “spread ’em wide”. I spat on Miranda’s strap on cock and made it nice and slippery. Alexa grabbed Miranda’s cock as she fucked her hard in the ass. I sat on Miranda’s face as she got fucked. I bounced up and down and made her take my pussy in her mouth. She was trying to say something but, her words were muffled by my cum dripping twat. Alexa let it be known that she was not going to stop fucking Miranda until she came all over the place. And I wasn’t going to stop riding her face until I felt her fountain of cum drenching my backside. Miranda reached up and grabbed my ass, stuffing my pussy into her mouth. Alexa fucked Miranda deep in her asshole until her cock exploded! The hot squirts of cum landed on my ass and back. Alexa licked the cum up and kissed it into my mouth. Now THAT was a pleasant surprise!

I had officially been with a “T-girl” and the experience was everything I hoped it would be and so, so much more!

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