Hot naughty no limits babysitter

As you probably noticed I baby sit a lot and I get naughty with a couple of the daddy’s. I’m a naughty no limits babysitter. I tease and taunt these daddy’s until they can’t take anymore, until they beg for me to sit right on their cock. I always start by making sure they know I’m okay with working late nights. Then I wear the most revealing outfits around them. Short skirts that if I were to bend over just right you could see my ass. Little daisy dukes in the summer as well. Cute low neck tops that show just how perky and nice my breast are when I lean over. All those things get these daddy’s attention. Just the other day I wore my cute daisy dukes and a low neck top, and pranced around all cute and got this new daddy’s attention.

He’s new I just started babysitting for him last week and he has no idea the teasing he’s in for.I pranced around in my revealing clothes, It was so late when him and the wife got home she went straight to bed. When she left I decided to tease this daddy with my hands. I slid my hand on his crotch of his pants and rubbed his cock through his pants. Confused at first, I assured him it perfectly normal to want and desire the babysitter and it would be our little secret,he took me to the guest bedroom and followed my lead. I push him on the bed and took his pants right off, then unbuttoned his shirt. And I took mine off along with those tight daisy dukes.

Let me fuck you

I slapped his cock against my lips, I started jerking his cock, making him tell me what he wanted me to do to him.I wasn’t gonna stop toying with him until he told me what he wanted. He finally replies “ suck my cock”. So I slipped it cock between my lips and moved my lips up and down on his cock.I pushed his cock into the back of my throat taking it all in. As I sucked his thick cock I massaged my tongue into it making him grab the bed from the pleasure. I then sat right on his face letting him lick my pussy while I sucked his cock. I love face sitting, it’s a great way to get the best oral pleasures at the same time and then cum together.

While he licked my tight little pussy he slid his finger right into my ass. Wanna hear what this naughty no limits babysitter did next call me and find out. Need another roleplay idea? Read how my teacher loves my tight ass for more.

Naughty Babysitter Kelsey