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I have been having after school sessions with my teacher for awhile now and those sessions have been extremely naughty. My teacher loves my tight ass. He loves how tight it is around his cock. And he keeps me after school for hours playing with his little teacher’s pet. I must say fucking your teacher gives you all the extra special attention. I love wearing these cute little outfits to class to tease him. I’m a good little distraction. I wear those cute little v neck t shirts that show my boobs every time I bend down after dropping my pencil. And those cute little skirts that if you been or walk the right give the teacher ideas of ripping that skirt right off after class.

Just today after class my hot teacher had me stay behind “to talk about a paper”. we both know he really just wanted to slide his cock right between my lips and feel them slide up and down on his shaft. Getting his cock hard, wet and ready for my ass. First I sucked his cock really good, deep throating it, shoving it as far down my throat as I could. I wanted to take all of it in while feeling it throb in my throat . As my lips were wrapped around his cock I made sure to slide my tongue up against his cock. He loves my sweet little mouth. After I got his cock dripping wet he sat me on his desk he teased my pussy. He smelt how sweet my ass was before tongue fucking my tight ass.

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He slid his tongue back and forth form my pussy to my ass licking it, getting my asshole wet. But He put a finger in my mouth a got it wet wrapping my lips around it and slid it right in my ass, fingering my ass. After, he took his nice thick cock and shoved it right into my tight ass making me cry out in moans. The pleasure is overwhelming. I love cock in my ass feeling it slide in and out, him feeling my tight ass wrapped around his cock. He grabs me by the hips and thrust his cock hard and deep into my ass the harder the better. My ass is aching for his cock to blow that warm creamy load into my ass. I can’t wait to feel his cock twitching in my tight young ass.

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