As you walk in, I can tell it has been one hell of a day. Give me a hug and let’s love those stresses away baby. I know what will make you feel stress-free and happy. Grabbing your hand, I take you to my adult nursery. Here, I have all the tools needed to pamper and love my Diaper Lover Sissy Boy. As I get you changed into your diaper, I use the baby wipes to get you all clean and fresh. I lotion up that man skin, then powder all the right spots to make you feel cool and comfy.

Now, that is what I love to see. A big smile on my boys face. I put a t-shirt on you and we sit in the giant rocker so you can nurse away your troubles. I love that feeling as you relax in my arms. My sweet boy, letting go and loving his time with Granny Frankie. Being a diaper lover sissy boy gives you something other’s don’t have. You get to come to me and get complete love and relaxation. Then I pamper you and give you all my attention.

Granny Frankie loves her Diaper Lover Sissy Boy so much!

You get sleepy as you nurse and I have you lay down on the soft blanket I have laid out. While you are sleeping I am going through the closet to pick out the perfect dress and matching panties for you. Wake up pretty boy, Granny Frankie has something special for you. You stretch and yawn, looking adorable!

Oh, look who messed their diaper! Shew, stinky do! Let’s get you changed again baby. Laying you on the changing table, we get rid of the soiled diaper. Granny Frankie uses the baby wipes getting into every little crevice and crack to get you fresh and clean again. Once I have you clean, I powder up my diaper lover sissy boy. Lastly, a fresh diaper for my sweet baby.

Looking at me shyly, you ask if you can wear a dress instead of the t-shirt.

Granny is one step ahead of you and pulls out the most beautiful pink dress. It has lace and matching panties. Smiling, you look at me and ask if I knew you were a sissy boy. Yes, of course, I knew. Now let’s get you all sissified and pretty! Quickly stripping off the t-shirt and fresh diaper, I get you into the hot bubble bath waiting for you. I have polish and I paint your fingernails and toes. Once you are feeling like a true diva, out of the bath you come.

We get another fresh diaper on you. This time Granny Frankie has pretty pink diaper ready. Then I have you put on the pretty slip and then the dress. I have you step into the panties and pull them up over your diaper. Finally, the adorable patent leather shoes with lace socks. I have you stand in front of the full-length mirror and twirl. As you twirl you see how beautiful you look.

Time for the finishing touches my beauty!

Taking your hand I lead you to my make-up table. Sitting in front of the mirrors, Granny puts on your eye shadow, contours your checks and puts the prettiest red lipstick on your lips. I have a surprise and that is we are going shopping! We go to the store and pick out a few more gorgeous dresses for you. Stopping to eat lunch we have so much fun on our trip out.

Back home, you have wet your diaper so we change it and strip you out of the pink outfit. You choose the yellow one and we get you into it with it’s matching yellow panties. We redo your make-up and this time, I ask if you want a wig. You choose a beautiful redhead wig. Once we get it on you, it is perfect, as are you baby! My sweet diaper lover sissy boy Granny Frankie is so proud of you and loves you to pieces. Granny phone sex allows me to give you all the attention you need.

Spending time with you is one of my favorite things.

Once you are in your yellow outfit I notice you are bulging against your diaper. Is everything okay baby? You tell me all the fun has gotten you excited and you would love to have a release with Granny. So we take off your diaper and I caress your hard cock. Let’s get you taken care of sweetie.

Curious to find out how the release happens? Open to having an ABDL Fetish Conversation? Call me to find out!

Granny phone sex