In our ABDL fetish conversation today we have a few things to go over. As I have discussed previously, the ABDL fetish is so varied and different for each person. I believe that is one of the things I find most interesting with the people who live the lifestyle. I have multiple callers that are diaper lovers and a few adult babies as well. If a person is an adult baby, they will predominantly prefer to be loved and cared for by me. Some like to discuss technical information as well.

Diaper lovers are often into the sexual side of the fetish. Whether it is as an adult or even reverting to some childhood memories we play naughty a lot. They find it erotic to wet their diaper and get hard while wearing it. Others find the feel and sounds of the diaper to be a turn-on. As they wear it and feel it rubbing against their dicks, while also making the crinkly sound, they get erect.

ABDL Fetish Conversation can entail so many different topics and views.

My goal here is to help you see and respect those that choose this lifestyle. I want to give them a voice so that others can better understand them. No one is able to truly give a completely open view of what they feel or experience because we are not in their minds. Only an individual really knows their own feelings and choices. Yes, they share some with me, so, my hope is with ABDL fetish conversation we learn about their lives.

One of my ABDL callers loves cloth diapers with plastic panty covers. For him, it is old school like when he was a baby. He found adult sized duckie safety pins to use too. I find this absolutely awesome. I was in cloth diapers too. He enjoys a chastity apparatus that will push his cock to 1 inch. Then it sticks out like a baby boy’s penis. There is a diaper service in his area that will even launder his cloth diapers. His commitment to this lifestyle is huge. Way to go!

Being a GILF phone sex operator allows me to be their virtual caregiver if you will.

I have a caller that enjoys being in his diaper 24/7 as well. He found an adult diaper that works well under his clothes so he can work with them on too. For him, he has two age frames we work with. Him as a younger child, first potty training, and then as a teenager. We discuss when he was a teen and decided he wanted to be back in diapers. To get his mother to let him be in diapers.

That did not go as planned and his grandma was the stern voice pushing his mother to force him to be more “grown” and not make messes in his pants. When they resided with Grandma she was tough on him and made his life hard. His mother loved him to the moon and back, all she wanted was his happiness. Mother and Grandmother clashed often, making it hard for my caller in those early years.

Now, when he calls, I get to change those times to a loving grandma.

If only she had been able to understand better. If ABDL fetish conversation had been available back then to help them be more open to the situation. Now, we are more advanced and accepting of individual choices. Life is so much better when we work together to understand and respect each other. I love my ABDL callers. Sure some want humiliation and that is awesome! However, I find the majority want to be understood and loved.

You can see when you read ABDL fetish conversation and ABDL Fetish Chat I love all of my callers that choose this lifestyle. I respect their choice and want to support them in any way I can. Whether they are adult babies that are also diaper lovers, who enjoy regressing and being cared for or are diaper lovers that find the sexuality of it satisfying. Together we find what makes them happy on our calls.

Have you been curious about the ABDL fetish? Would you like to learn more? Call me and we can discuss so many awesome things! GILF phone sex operator