We met online and immediately felt a connection. He is sexy, strong and loves his pampers. As I have discussed before the variations of the AB/DL fetish are innumerable. No one is the same and that is what makes it so amazing. For my hottie, Jason, the turn-on is the experience of the diaper. We have so much diaper lover fun.

Wearing it, hearing it, and feeling it drives him over the edge sexually. He loves to have me say the word, “pamper” and when we play, we are very naughty. We definitely enjoy each other immensely. When he talks with that sexy accent, my pussy tingles with excitement. Then I lay him back and get him into a fresh diaper.

Walking across the room our diaper lover fun begins.

Once I sit down, I command him to crawl across the floor to me, slowly. The sounds of the diaper crinkling and scrunching, make his dick even harder. Looking at the prize, me, he slowly works his way across the room. Every movement causing his diaper to rub against his raging hard pecker. While he is crawling over, I am stripping my clothes off, one piece at a time.

By the time he reaches me, my full breasts our at and ready for his attention. He nurses on me as I rub the big bulge in his diaper. This diaper lover dream includes lots of foreplay to make sure we are both wet and ready. I have a man size pacifier I provide Jason, while I grab the dildo for his tight little asshole.

Diaper lover fun comes in all shapes and sizes. I fit everyone.

Sliding his diaper aside, I slowly insert the dildo past his tight little sphincter. He moans with pleasure as I make sure to get it in all the way. Once it is in, I slide the diaper back to make sure the dildo stays firmly in place. My sweet diaper lover is so turned on his dick is solid as a rock. I am allowing him to live out his diaper lover fun. All of this allowing me to improve my fetish phone sex skills.

Please know I can play with the best of them in every way. For instance, Juicy Sex Stories shows how naughty I can be with a sexy woman. However, I love playing with Jason as often as I can. Our schedules are now opposite and it is hard to find time together. We still make it happen as often as we can.

Diaper Lover Fun can be what fits you!

For instance, Jason loves to have sex with his diaper on. Some enjoy the interaction with a motherly figure. Dirtying their diaper and mommy or grandma changing it for her baby. These diaper lovers are more into the loving interaction of a maternal figure. Being loved and cared for by me. It is so kind and loving to be there for them. No sex for them.

Then there are those that love the interaction, the diaper and how it is while they are wearing it. Again, it is the feel and sound of the diaper on them. It not only brings a safe feeling, but it also brings sexual desire to interact with their maternal figure.

Where was I, oh yes, Jason was as hard as a rock.

Once that dildo is safely in his ass, we are ready to move on to more fun. Pulling the paci from his mouth, we kiss passionately. Both of us are turned on and ready to get super nasty. With one swift move, he turns me around and bends me over. I hear him breathing heavily in my ear. He is insanely turned on right now.

I can feel the hard dick of his through the thick diaper he is wearing. Rubbing it on my ass while precum leaks on the inside of his diaper. He slides the pamper to the side and pulls out that big throbbing rod of his. His dick is absolutely gorgeous as he teases me with it. Running it between my ass cheeks, then between my pussy lips.

I am so wet and ready for him to penetrate me. He parts my sweet cunt lips and quickly slides his dick inside me. From there…you need to call me to hear the ending of this amazing interaction.

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