My sweet diaper lover, Jack, is absolutely the best guy. He is handsome, smart, sexy and a true gentleman. Consequently, his southern accent makes me weak in the knees. When we first met, he did not divulge the fact that he was a diaper lover. Worried I would judge him, he kept it to himself. Furthermore, little did he know I was the perfect girl of his diaper lover dreams.

As we dated, and he got to know me, he realized it was safe to tell me the truth. We had been out to dinner to celebrate our 3 month anniversary and had gone back to his place for the night. Normally, he wants to go to my house. Therefore, this was an opportunity to see what his home was like.

Sometimes it is hard to find the true diaper lover dreams in relationships.

Jack had faced ridicule and judgment in the past, so he was wary of being open and honest. As he got to know me, he saw that I was an open-minded woman that did not judge others for their choices or lifestyles. I believe the world would be a better place if people showed more tolerance. Of course, that is a topic for another day.

Walking into the house, I see how nicely he has decorated. His home is gorgeous and smells lovely. He even takes the steps to have candles and plug-ins. Damn, I am impressed. The house is lovely as I am checking things out while he gets us some wine. Bringing the wine back, he sits beside me and says we need to talk.

Well, this could go either way!

Jack tells me he needs to be honest about something personal. He is very serious and making me nervous. What is going on? Is he married, gay, or what? Looking at me, he tells me he is a diaper lover. I look at him and ask, “Is that what this is about?” Nodding his head, I smile and give him a big kiss.

Furthermore, I tell Jack with my job as a granny phone sex operator, and background with multiple fetishes, there is not anything to worry about. Furthermore, my favorite fetishes include adult babies and diapers lovers, as I share in my ABDL Fetish Chat. Certainly, I welcome his love of diapers and will happily be there with him. Seeing the relief wash over him, I suggest we get him into a diaper so we can have some fun tonight.

He bounces off down the hallway, as I follow him.

Jack has an amazing array of supplies, including the most precious diaper collection. Lots of patterns and fun designs. It is the room of diaper lover dreams, I love it! He gets a blanket ready on the floor and I get the lotion and wipes. Likewise, I get his adult clothes off and work to clean up his privates.

As I am doing this he starts to get a hard-on. So, smiling at each other, I continue to get the powder and diaper on him. I love all the different diaper choices he has. His dick is bulging against the diaper and I use my hand to trace it on the outside. Moaning, he is in heaven as we start to play.

What fun we are having playing together!

My pussy is wet as he is crawling around on the floor so I hear the crinkling sound of the diaper. He loves the idea of me being his dominant mommy, and I am more than happy to appease him. It is the ultimate in diaper lover dreams for him. Due to this, I command him to be a good boy for me. To do as I say and if he does he will get a big reward.

I pick up a pacifier and put it into his mouth. He smiles with it in his mouth and crawls around my legs. Using his arms to reach up for mommy love, I move to the rocking chair in the room. I motion for him to climb up onto my lap and he does as he is told. I love how the diaper feels on my legs. Therefore, I keep him cuddling against me for just a little longer.

We move to his bed and from there we start to really have fun. You want to know more and I appreciate that. Therefore, I suggest you call me to hear how amazing our night really was!

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